What Are the Best Games to Play With Dice?

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Are you ready to roll the dice?

Dice are a game piece you probably have around your house. So, if you’re looking for a source of entertainment in a hurry, knowing different dice games can be extremely helpful.

Let’s go through the top games to play with dice.


Yahtzee is a dice game you’ve probably heard of before; it’s a classic for a reason. You need five dice when you’re playing Yahtzee. You’ll then roll them in order to achieve specific number combinations.

Every player has three chances to roll the dice each term.  You’ll be trying to roll the dice to achieve numbers in specific categories. After thirteen rounds, the person with the most points will be crowned the winner in this dice game.

But, luckily, you can play Yahtzee over and over. So, even if it’s a shorter game, there are tons of outcomes that can arise as you play!

Dungeons and Dragons

While this isn’t a traditional dice game, it’s one of the more creative options when it comes to the most popular games.

Be warned, though, that Dungeons and Dragons takes a lot of commitment. You need a solid group of people to continue to play the game, or you’ll have to start over.

To play the game, you’ll need a 20-sided die. Once you get settled, you might want a fancier option. For example, there are lots of dice made out of natural stone that you can show off to your friends. One of your friends will be the person who guides the quest, while the rest of you will design the characters you will roleplay throughout your campaign.

Of course, it’s important to understand your different options when it comes to creating a Dungeons and Dragons character, so you should do your research on different character class types and races in advance.

Beer Dice

Would you rather drink while you play one of the best dice games? Beer Dice is the game for you. You’ll need two to four players to play beer dice, along with cups, dice, and plenty of beer.

You’ll put cups at each corner, and each person or team will try and throw the dice into each cup. If the die hits the table, and the other team doesn’t catch it in time, your team will earn a point.

If your die bounces off a cup and no one catches it, you earn two points.  If one team gets a die in the opposing team’s cup, that team has to chug the drink and the throwing team will receive three points. There are other rules involved in beer dice, but like any good drinking game you can add and remove them based on your needs.

Try Out the Games To Play With Dice Today

So, what are you waiting for? Suggest these games to play with dice next time you have some friends over. You’re sure to have a wonderful time.

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