LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs: Fnatic take down G2

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The 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs, where the top six teams square off to secure their shot at the grand finals, started with Rogue taking the hammer down on Misfits Gaming in the first round of the winner bracket. Misfits Gaming left a remarkable season behind as Rogue closed out the regular season in first place. Both teams offered us an action-packed series as we wanted to see in the playoffs.

At the conclusion of the quarterfinal series of the winner bracket, Fnatic eliminated G2 with a 3-1 clean victory as many European fans expected. Fnatic will meet Rogue on the next round to make their way to the finals two seasons in a row. The loser of that series will fall to the lower bracket, which means the best two performing teams will have one more chance of reaching the trophy.

G2, on the flip side, started waiting for their opponent they will face off in the second round of the lower bracket. The series between VIT and Excel, which will determine who will meet with G2 in the next round, is set to play on 27 March. Die-or-do series will have many exciting things to have fun in it. The competition in the lower bracket has always been intense because there is no county for unusual mistakes, improper strategies, or inconsistent performance. These imperatives make the playoff stage more thrilling for fans, which can be seen in the viewership numbers.

Fnatic vs G2

Game 1 saw Fnatic taking Jankos under pressure to nullify his Lee Sin in the early stage of the game. They were in the driver’s seat from start to finish while neutral objectives were picked up by Razork one and another. Fnatic turned their opponent’s attempts in their favor after G2 realized that the game was slipping out of their hands. G2 had no chance to come back to the game because there were two juggernauts with an excellent 6-0 score on the other side, LeBlanc, and Zeri.

G2 tied the series

After a demoralizing start to the quarterfinal series, G2 bounced back in the second match with a more balanced composition, which contains front-line, disengage abilities, and hyper carry. G2 put Karma out of their pocket to restrict LeBlanc in the mid lane, and everything went as planned from start to finish. It was Fnatic’s turn to try surprising picks.

Fnatic set up a late-game composition around Zeri as they did in the opening match of the series. This time Volibear was on the rift for FNC to get through the early game with minimal damage. Fnatic also stuck to LeBlanc by disabling Hecarim, which gave her trouble in the previous match. At 35. minute mark, Fnatic destroyed enemy nexus and broke their mental health before the decider match began.

The Do-or-die match for G2 kicked off with Fnatic taking the global gold lead before the two teams moved into the mid-game. Even though the score chart was nearly the same, Fnatic ruled over the macro game. Hylissang surprised G2 with his Zilean pick, which he usually used when he felt comfortable. Fnatic won in the series as well as in gambling and secured their spot at the semi-finals.

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