LEC 2022 Spring: Rogue take down G2, Excel squeeze Fnatic

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The first half of the LEC 2022 Spring Split has concluded with Rogue securing its ninth win in a row. After losing the core player of the team, Inspired, Rogue was expected to be brittle in the regular season. However, Malrang is having the best season of his career while the youngest member of Rogue, Comp is meeting the expectations so far.

In their first match of Week 4 against Excel, to put it simply, there was Corki terror on the rift. Excel intended to surprise Rogue with their unusual composition, but Rogue had an answer for them. Lucian was in Comp’s hand in the bot lane, and he demolished the Patrick-Mikyx duo with his partner, Nami. Rogue showed off that they can adapt to pick ban-screen swiftly. Developing a new strategy on the pick-ban screen is something champion teams can do.

The Future does not look bright for astralis

Astralis was too close to its first win in the 2022 Spring Split. They got many chances to take the lead in the match. SK was in the driver’s seat, and Senna restricted Astralis’ hand to change the game in their favor. On the flip side, Jenax was having an incredible lane phase against WhiteKnight. Gillius took Zanzarah under pressure, followed up his jungle path to prevent any unexpected effort. Although the playoff chances for both teams seem weak, they offered the audience a thrilling match.

Team Vitality overwhelmed Misfits Gaming in a 30-minute fierce battle and secured its fourth win in the regular season. Yasuo was a surprising pick in terms of their conservative game plan. MSF took dragons one after the other, but the Diana-Yasuo combo brought a crucial advantage to VIT in skirmishes. They had nothing to do with neutral objectives. Perkz and Selfmade shined in team fights while leading their team to kick off Week 4 with victory.

Fnatic kicked of the week with win over mAD Lions

There was a final rematch between FNC and MAD. These two competent teams battled it out in the 2021 LEC Summer Finals. Since then, both teams revamped their starting roster as they set new goals for the new season.

Fnatic came to the duel as the favorite team with its current form. The match started with both teams attempting to take control of the early game. Renekton was a useless pick in the mid-lane, and this incoherent draft move allowed FNC to take the lead on dragons and turrets. Fnatic earned its sixth win over the previous champion, tied in second with G2.

lEC 2022 Spring Split Week 4 Results


  • SK Gaming  1 — 0  Astralis
  • Rogue  1 — 0  Excel
  • Misfits Gaming  0 — 1  Vitality
  • Team BDS  0 — 1  G2
  • Fnatic  1 — 0  MAD Lions


  • SK Gaming  0 — 1  Misfits Gaming
  • Team BDS  0 — 1  MAD Lions
  • Team Vitality  1 — 0  Astralis
  • Fnatic  1 — 0  Excel
  • Rogue  1 — 0  G2


Day 2 would not have been more exciting for those who expect Astralis to grab their first LEC win. Led by Dajor, Astralis had the best game of their season against VIT, but it was not enough. VIT used all their luck to lose the match. Astralis picked three meta juggernauts that brought them to the brink of victory. The global gold lead was in favor of Astralis. Dragons were taken by Zanzarah.

VIT followed Astralis from behind throughout the match and waited for the right moment to use Perkz’s power spike efficiently. After slaying Elder and Nashor, the LEC’s super team came back to the game, sent Astralis home empty-handed in a match where all planets in the universe were lined up for them to win. With this disappointing loss to VIT, Astralis anchored in the last place.

Excel surprised Fnatic

Another thrilling match was between Excel and Fnatic. We have talked about how Finn made an excellent start to the league before. In the match against FNC, Finn demolished Wunder, who looked like FNC’s best player in past weeks, even though Graves in the top lane is not ideal in the current meta. Though they were not able to take the lead on neutral objectives, Corki and Aphelios were scaling as time passed. FNC could not resist Excel in skirmishes while Mikyx was leading the macro game. Excel secured the win over one of LEC’s favorite teams, FNC, putting themselves ahead of Team BDS in the standings.

G2 may have had their worst game against Rogue after dominating Week 3. Jankos was absent in the early game. Twisted Fate helped bot lane by roaming to take advantage of Zeri. But it was Comp on the other side. His bot lane partner, Trymbi, proved that he is one of the LEC’s best Rakan players. Rogue ruled over the game from start to finish. They remained the only undefeated team with a score of 9W-0L.

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