Best Champion Bans: League of Legends

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Have you ever thought about which champions you do not want to see in your ranked games? I am not talking about the champions that your teammates frequently feed on the opposite team when they pick. As the current meta changes, several champions become a primary pick for those who want to climb up the leagues. There is no need to get mad at them for sticking to one champion and abusing their powers to crush your game.

Riot Games balance team continually promotes many champions in the meta by changing their basic stats and abilities or bringing updates. One of the first examples that comes to mind is Xin Zhao. Nobody preferred him in ranked games because he could not stand against featured jungle champions. Now, Xin Zhao is one of the featured picks thanks to his enhanced team fight capability and uncomplicated new mechanics.

If you want to reach the rank after months of futile effort, focus on restricting the enemy champion pool on the pick-ban screen. You also may consider using broken champions’ functionality instead of banning them. The choice is yours. Let’s take a quick look at which champions you should ban while showing that the game is not just about the meta.

Best Champion Bans Tier List

Most Dangerous champions you must ban ın patch 12.3

  • Zeri
  • Zed
  • Yuumi
  • Yasuo
  • Akali
  • Corki
  • Tryndamere
  • Blitzcrank
  • İrelia


Although Corki is weakened in the latest patch, 12.3, to reduce his mobility and sudden impact on the mid-late game, this balancing move has nothing to do with his unpredictable damage. Though you are playing tank, Corki may force you to go to base before team fights begin. He can deal massive damage with the bombs coming from the fog of war.

Players usually go to AP build for Corki to enhance his bombs’ damage, and clear minion waves without approaching. If you think your teammates can handle Corki, stop being too optimistic and add the Daring Bombardier to your ban list. I did not even mention the package that allows him to take a position in a safe area.


The Fist of Shadow, Akali has been dominating solo ranked and pro play for weeks. You may have encountered an Akali that could slay your teammates without losing a single health bar before. Abusers prefer tank build to live longer in team fights. Not only does Akali deal enough damage to kill the opponent in a short-time period, but also has a chasing ability that also gives her mobility. Twilight Shroud allows her to make unexpected moves. Even though Akali is hard to master, all your enemy has to do is spamming buttons randomly.


Tryndamere has an% 18.24 ban rate, according to METAsrc. Many LoL players hate playing against Tryndamere in the top or mid lane because of the undying rage that gives him immortality for a few seconds. Pro players discovered his split-push capability in recent months. That’s why we see Tryndamere more often in solo ranked.

If the opposite team keeps up with him without chasing skirmishes, your team will probably have any champion that can stop him in the side lane (maybe Kayle). Besides his extraordinary push capability, he can reduce cooldowns with the right item build. Then he turns into a juggernaut in the mid-late game.


The Great Steam Golem, Blitzcrank, is one of the LoL champions that can change the game in its favor instantly. With an excellent hook coming out of the screen, BC can outrun the enemy champions while its power fist (E) brings an advantage in skirmishes. Bot lane players know it is frustrating to play against Blitzcrank with Jinx, Miss Fortune, or Jhin. Because if these champions can not dodge the hook, it means they are dead. How effective Blitzcrank can be in a match may depend on player skill. You should not leave your job to chance. Ban and let it all hang out.

In conclusion, you have to keep up with the current meta like the other players. First, set your goal in the match, then proceed step by step. Many things can prevent you from winning. You should not be stuck with them and move on to the next game. Stay cool!

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