BLG secured its second win over OMG

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It can be said that what makes the LPL worth watching compared to the other regional leagues is the highly intensive game tempo. Most competent Chinese teams adopt a suitable game plan that lets them battle it out at any time during the matches. Although there are plenty of skirmishes in a single series, game times in the LPL are still longer than those who don’t follow the league continually think.

In this context, the 2022 Spring Split Week 2 matches somehow upheld our determination. Even regular-season competition is pretty intriguing considering that the last champion EDG opened up the league as they left, FPX on a three-game winning streak, and LNG stands unbeaten led by Tarzan.

LPL 2022 Spring Split Week 2 Results


  • RNG 2 — 0 TT
  • AL 0 — 2 FPX


  • LGD 0 — 2 JDG
  • EDG 2 — 1 UP


  • WE 1 — 2 TES
  • LNG 2 — 0 IG


  • RA 1 — 2 V5
  • BLG 2 — 1 OMG


  • UP 2 — 1 LGD
  • RNG 2 — 1 AL
  • TT 1 — 2 WBG

Royal Never Give Up earned two wins over TT and AL, respectively. EDG, LNG, BLG, V5 and FPX are the five teams that remain undefeated in the league. Even though the departure of Nuguri, Doinb, and Crisp ahead of the 2022 Spring Split, FPX stunned RNG with its newly revamped roster as they swept AL and LGD without giving a single match.

Bilibili Gaming ended OMG’s unpredicted win series that carried them to the top at the end of Week 1. Doggo showed off his potential to be primary ADC for the rest of the 2022 Spring, despite Uzi still has not made his debut. Crisp, former world champion, helped Doggo adapt to the league before the playoffs began.

The remaining schedule for the second week of the 2022 LPL Spring Split is as follows:


  • LNG vs WE
  • JDG vs FPX
  • EDG vs OMG


  • AL vs WBG
  • IG vs RNG
  • V5 vs TES

You can watch all the matches on LPL’s official Twitch and Youtube channel. Have a nice weekend!

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