Mount Hyjal Raid Guide WoW TBC Classic

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Battle For Mount Hyjal is a Burning Crusade Classic (TBC) a 25-man raid within the Caverns of Time. This instance is easier than Black Temple (BT), and you can win yout first two Tier 6-set tokens. The Scale of the Sands rewards reputation for defeating enemies at Hyjal Summit. There is a lot of trash in Mount Hyjal so having efficient clear times is key to run a smooth raid.

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Attunement to Hyjal

Mount Hyjal doesn’t require attunement. The attunement quest is is still available and gives you the Band of Eternity set of ring.

Mount Hyjal Boss Strategy

Rage Winterchill

Rage Winterchill
Rage Winterchill
Winterchill Boss Tips

Winterchill will arrive on his own and there will not be any adds. Winterchill will occasionally freeze players and you won’t be able do anything until that freeze point has been reached. Winterchill can do some damage once the frost has ended.

  • He will use Death and Decay to cast a death and devay spell on any random player. The effect has a radius of 20 yards, so players should spread as far as they can. It can be difficult to see the effect so pay attention.
  • Rage Winterchill will unleash an Icebolt on the target, shocking them and doing a lot of DoT and initial damage. You can avoid this stun like any other by using a PvP Trinket or Divine Shield, Ice Block, and Blink. This will also prevent the DoT effect.
  • Frost Nova will be cast by him, and he has Frost Armor. To move from the Death and Decay, people must dispel the Nova root.


Anetheron Boss Tips

Like Rage Winterchill he will not come with any minions.  Anetheron’s special move is to throw a Carion Swarm, which will reduce healing by 75%. The Carion Swam is not a problem if you are high enough and have the ability to solo it.

  • Carrion Swarm will be cast by him, dealing damage of 3-6k and reducing healing by 75%. It is important that everyone spread out around the boss as much as possible, particularly healers, because of this.
  • For 10 seconds, the Boss will place 3 targets on sleep. This cannot be removed.
  • Anetheron can heal himself with a Vampiric aura, which covers 300% of his melee damage. To reduce the boss’s damage, warriors and rogues should continue to use Mortal Strike or Wound Poison. Aimed Shot can be used by Hunters to help combat the lack of melees.
  • Anetheron summons a Towering Infernal once per minute. These Infernals can cause 3-4k Fire damage to nearby targets every 2 seconds and have the ability of Immolation.
  • Ranged DPS should switch over to the Infernals to kill them. Melees will remain on the boss. Taunt is not an issue for the Infernals, so be careful with your Threat.
  • To avoid Vampiric Aura, the Towering Infernals must be pushed away from Anetheron. They are usually killed in raids near Jaina Proudmoore.


Kaz’rogal Boss Tips

Kaz’rogal is the doom Lord Boss in The Battle for Mount Hyjal Raid. This is the third boss you’ll encounter in the instance.

Kaz’rogal will be the first boss that you encounter when you reach the Horde encampment. His sword slam will make you not able to cast spells. His sword slam will reduce mana, so ensure everyone is well before the slam. You don’t have to worry if you are soloing the boss because you’re sufficiently high.

  • Watch out for Cleave
  • Kaz can also cast War Stomp occasionally, shocking nearby players for 5 second.
  • Mark Of Kaz’rogal is the main mechanic in this fight. This debuff lasts for 5 seconds and drains 600 Mana each second. The debuff will cause the player to explode, dealing 10-12k damage.
  • Kaz’rogal will cast the Marks of Kaz’rogal faster than ever before, in increments of 10 seconds.


Azgalor Boss Tips

Azaglor,the Pit Lord, will silence the players and set fire to the ground in an attempt to inflict damage on the players.

  • Azgalors Rain Of Fire should spread the raid out and make it move as quickly as possible. Also watch out for the cleave attacks.
  • Every 45 seconds. Azgalor will cast Doom upon a random player. After 20 seconds, the target will die and Azgalor will spawn a Lesser Doomguard. If Soulstones are saved for the first two Dooms, they can be very useful.
  • Tanks should grab the Doomguards. These should be tanked close to the Tauren NPCs, and then killed by the melees. If necessary, Ranged may be of assistance.
  • The Boss will use Howl of Azgalor to silence everyone in the raid for five seconds. Here are some other effects that can be used: Shadow Resistance, Concentration Aura, and similar effects.


Archimonde Boss Tips

Archimonde is the Male Eredar/Draenei leader and final boss in Hyjal.

Before you reach Archimonde, speak to Tyrande Whisperwind, who is riding a panther. You will be given “Tears from the Goddess” When activated, the tears will slow down your descent after you are thrown into air.

Even if your level is high, you can still sustain some damage by being thrown into air. The Tears can be activated by being thrown in the air.

Once you are close to the Draenei, then start the fight. Archimonde uses fear to make you run and take fire damage. Archimonde will lose 1 health point when he is near death. You must avoid him and kill him.

  • Archimonde will unleash Doomfire on the area. Avoid this as it leaves a nasty debuff.
  • Grip of the Legion should be eliminated as quickly as possible. It inflicts 2.5k damage every two seconds for five minutes.
  • He will Fear the whole raid at times. Tremor Totems should always be on hand to counter this. Fear Ward and Tremor Totems should also be available at all times. To avoid being feared by the fires, make sure you are far from them.
  • Archimonde will activate Soul Charge when any raid-member is killed. This does 4.5k damage to all and, depending on the class that died, can have one of three additional effects:
  • For 4 seconds, 50% more damage to Paladin, Rogue, Warrior
  • Druids and Shamans, Hunters: 2250 Mana Burn
  • Priest, Mage and Warlock: 4 seconds silence

Archimonde randomly will cast Air Burst upon players. If they do not use their Tears of the Goddess, they will be subject to fall damage and may die. If your raid members are missing this, they can get their Tear from Tyrande Whisperwind in the night elf camp prior to the encounter.

Archimonde Explodes GIF
Archimonde Explodes

Mount Hyjal Loot Table

Below you will find all of the Epic gear drops from the Battle for Mount Hyjal Raid.

ItemClassDrops FromSlotType
Anetheron’s NooseDruid, Mage, Priest, Shaman, WarlockBoss
Anetheron (15.58%)
Angelista’s SashDruid, Priest, ShamanBoss
Kaz’rogal (16.67%)
Antonidas’s Aegis of Rapt ConcentrationPaladin, ShamanBoss
Archimonde (11.68%)
Apostle of ArgusDruid, Priest, ShamanBoss
Archimonde (20.44%)
Archbishop’s SlippersDruid, Priest, ShamanBoss
Anetheron (12.99%)
Band of DevastationDruid, Hunter, Paladin, Rogue, Shaman, WarriorRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.91%)
Bastion of LightPaladin, ShamanBoss
Anetheron (15.61%)
Beast-tamer’s ShouldersHunterBoss
Kaz’rogal (12.31%)
Belt of Seething FuryPaladin, WarriorBoss
Kaz’rogal (14.34%)
Belt of the Crescent MoonDruid, ShamanBoss
Kaz’rogal (6.77%)
Black Featherlight BootsDruid, Hunter, Rogue, ShamanBoss
Kaz’rogal (16.88%)
Blade of InfamyHunter, Rogue, WarriorBoss
Anetheron (16.61%)
Blessed Adamantite BracersPaladinBoss
Rage Winterchill (14.19%)
Blessed Band of KaraborDruid, Paladin, Priest, ShamanRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.60%)
Blood-stained PauldronsPaladin, WarriorBoss
Rage Winterchill (14.57%)
Blue Suede ShoesDruid, Mage, Priest, Shaman, WarlockBoss
Kaz’rogal (16.71%)
Boots of the Divine LightDruid, Priest, ShamanRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.63%)
Boundless AgonyHunter, Rogue, Shaman, WarriorBoss
Azgalor (14.70%)
Bow-stitched LeggingsHunter, Paladin, ShamanBoss
Azgalor (15.89%)
Bracers of MartyrdomDruid, Priest, ShamanBoss
Rage Winterchill (14.07%)
Bracers of the PathfinderHunter, Paladin, ShamanBoss
Rage Winterchill (10.26%)
Bristleblitz StrikerHunter, Rogue, WarriorBoss
Archimonde (12.79%)
Cataclysm’s EdgeHunter, Paladin, WarriorBoss
Archimonde (17.51%)
Two-HandTwo-Hand Sword
Chestguard of Relentless StormsShamanRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.47%)
Choker of Serrated BladesDruid, Hunter, Paladin, Rogue, Shaman, WarriorRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.41%)
Chronicle of Dark SecretsDruid, Mage, Priest, Shaman, WarlockBoss
Rage Winterchill (14.41%)
Held In HandMisc
Cuffs of DevastationDruid, Mage, Priest, Shaman, WarlockBoss
Rage Winterchill (12.94%)
Deadly CuffsDruid, Hunter, Rogue, ShamanBoss
Rage Winterchill (12.20%)
Don Alejandro’s Money BeltDruid, Hunter, Rogue, ShamanBoss
Anetheron (12.04%)
Don Rodrigo’s PonchoDruid, Paladin, ShamanBoss
Azgalor (10.71%)
Enchanted Leather SandalsDruid, Paladin, ShamanBoss
Anetheron (12.97%)
Furious ShacklesPaladin, WarriorBoss
Rage Winterchill (13.81%)
Girdle of HopePaladinBoss
Azgalor (9.78%)
Girdle of the LightbearerPaladinRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.81%)
Glimmering Steel MantlePaladinBoss
Anetheron (15.22%)
Glory of the DefenderPaladin, WarriorBoss
Azgalor (15.52%)
Gloves of the Forgotten ConquerorPaladin, Priest, WarlockBoss
Azgalor (89.52%)
Gloves of the Forgotten ProtectorHunter, Shaman, WarriorBoss
Azgalor (76.63%)
Gloves of the Forgotten VanquisherDruid, Mage, RogueBoss
Azgalor (95.28%)
Golden Links of RestorationPaladin, ShamanBoss
Anetheron (17.54%)
Hammer of AtonementDruid, Paladin, Priest, ShamanBoss
Kaz’rogal (18.31%)
Hammer of JudgementDruid, Paladin, Priest, ShamanRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.50%)
Hatefury MantleDruid, Mage, Priest, Shaman, WarlockBoss
Anetheron (14.72%)
Hellfire-Encased PendantMage, WarlockRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.61%)
Helm of the Forgotten ConquerorPaladin, Priest, WarlockBoss
Archimonde (81.11%)
Helm of the Forgotten ProtectorHunter, Rogue, Shaman, WarriorBoss
Archimonde (83.87%)
Helm of the Forgotten VanquisherDruid, Mage, RogueBoss
Archimonde (83.96%)
Howling Wind BracersPaladin, ShamanBoss
Rage Winterchill (11.76%)
Kaz’rogal’s Hardened HeartPaladin, WarriorBoss
Kaz’rogal (14.29%)
Leggings of Channeled ElementsDruid, Mage, Priest, Shaman, WarlockBoss
Kaz’rogal (15.45%)
Leggings of EternityDruid, Priest, ShamanBoss
Archimonde (8.14%)
Legguards of Endless RagePaladin, WarriorBoss
Archimonde (11.70%)
Mail of Fevered PursuitHunter, Paladin, ShamanBoss
Archimonde (18.18%)
Midnight ChestguardDruid, Hunter, Rogue, ShamanBoss
Archimonde (10.64%)
Nethervoid CloakPriest, WarlockRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.45%)
Pillager’s GauntletsPaladin, WarriorRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.67%)
Pillar of FerocityDruidBoss
Anetheron (15.46%)
Quickstrider MoccasinsHunter, Paladin, ShamanBoss
Anetheron (20.43%)
Razorfury MantleDruid, Hunter, Rogue, ShamanBoss
Kaz’rogal (18.46%)
Rejuvenating BracersDruid, Paladin, ShamanBoss
Rage Winterchill (20.96%)
Ring of Ancient KnowledgeDruid, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, WarlockRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.89%)
Robes of RhoninDruid, Mage, Priest, Shaman, WarlockBoss
Archimonde (16.85%)
Savior’s GraspPaladinBoss
Archimonde (10.70%)
Scepter of PurificationDruid, Paladin, Priest, ShamanBoss
Archimonde (11.16%)
Held In HandMisc
Shady Dealer’s PantaloonsDruid, Hunter, Rogue, ShamanBoss
Azgalor (17.39%)
Stillwater BootsPaladin, ShamanBoss
Rage Winterchill (15.33%)
Sun-touched Chain LeggingsPaladin, ShamanBoss
Kaz’rogal (16.26%)
Swiftsteel BludgeonRogue, Shaman, WarriorRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.74%)
Tempest of ChaosMage, Paladin, WarlockBoss
Archimonde (21.36%)
The Unbreakable WillPaladin, WarriorBoss
Anetheron (12.20%)
Tracker’s BladeHunter, Rogue, Shaman, WarriorBoss
Rage Winterchill (15.41%)
Treads of the Den MotherDruid, Hunter, Rogue, ShamanRare Drop
Trash Mobs (0.61%)
Valestalker GirdleHunter, Paladin, ShamanBoss
Kaz’rogal (13.03%)

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