Lawn Mowing Simulator Review – Relaxing Yet Annoying (Xbox Series X)

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If you have been following any of the Xbox Subreddits and news, you may have heard of Lawn Mowing Simulator. When it was announced by Xbox, thousands of users comments on threads and were genuinely excited to try this game… or were they? To be honest, it was kind of difficult to tell if people legitimately wanted to play this game or they were just making jokes about the premise. So of course, we had to try it for ourselves and create a Lawn Mowing Simulator Review.


  • Actually relaxing to sit back and just mow
  • Handling and responsiveness of the lawn mowers are well designed
  • Variety of lawn mowers to use and customize
  • Surprisingly rewarding when you complete a level and get a good score


  • THE LAWN MOWER SOUND IS SO CONSTANT! You definitely get tired of hearing the humming and cutting sound of the mower.
  • Repetitive. You are cutting lawns over and over, not much else to it.
  • No multiplayer. It would be great to be able to play with your friends and tackle a lawn together.
  • Some Technical Issues. Explained Below

Is Lawn Mowing Simulator Actually Good?

Lawn Mowing Simulator does what it sets out to do. The Xbox game creates a well designed simulation of mowing the lawn. Does this mean it’s good? ehh… welll… I guess? The problem comes with the fact that mowing the lawn is generally not a “fun” thing to do in the first place. The game consistently hums in your ears as you play with a loud engine sound while cutting the grass. There is also no default background music. With no background music or sounds, after only one or two levels, your ears may hate you.

The game is also quite repetitive. You will be cutting grass over and over, but I mean… I guess thats why you are interested in the game in the first place.

We also came into some technical issues. The first playthrough worked just fine. Later that day, we picked it up and tried it again. For some reason, the blades on the mower just wouldnt drop down and actually cut the grass. We were dumbfounded and trying to figure out what we were doing incorrectly. Eventually, we restarted the Xbox console and then it worked seamlessly.

I’m not here just to rag on Lawn Mowing Simulator, I think it does what it means to do. The simulator side of the game is very true to the goal. Cutting the perfect lines feels very rewarding and trying to do it quickly can be a challenge if you don’t want to mess up.

I do think that the game could do with some sort of speed or pacing alterations. It gets boring at times as you slowly chug away on the mower. If there were some more challenging or faster gameplay, it could benefit.

All in all, while Lawn Mowing Simulator was fun for about one of two levels, I don’t recommend purchasing the game unless you really think you have a passion for this. If you think this sounds relaxing (which it is), maybe it’s the right game for you. For me, it gets a 4 stars out of 10.

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Lawn Mowing Simulator Review - Relaxing Yet Annoying

  • 4/10

    Overall - 4/10


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