League of Legends 2022 Rostermania: Fnatic

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The 2022 LEC Spring Split is set to begin on January 14. Riot Games shared on its official website some notable statistics on the LEC’s past year including featured players, most picked-banned champions, watching hours, and more… You can use the link attached here if you want to take a quick look.

After Edward Gaming won the 2021 World Championship, the transfer window has officially opened in all regional leagues. In the past two months, many substitutions took place between Western LoL teams. Asian representatives also renovated their starting roster for the upcoming season except for EDG and T1.

Perkz returned to the LEC, where he became a legend after qualifying for Worlds 2021 with C9. Inspired and Bwipo joined North American organizations, EG and TL, respectively. Rookie and Karsa, two of the most experienced players in China, united in NIP.

Chovy transferred to GEN, where he can prove himself as the best mid laner in the world. Damwon KIA gained the deokdam-Kellin duo to fill the void left by Ghost-Beryl. Afreeca Freecs acquired Teddy from T1, FunPlus Phoenix built the team around Lwx… 2022 will be the most exciting year of League of Legends’ competitive history.

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Fnatic will start the new season with its restructured team

Fnatic, the European organization that has thousands of fans around the world, unveiled its starting roster ahead of the 2022 LEC Spring Split. Adam, who could not meet expectations in the past year, parted ways with Fnatic after some rumors surfaced that there was a conflict between him and Upset. Sources stated that the departure of the French player was stemmed from Upset’s personal reasons.

LEC representatives announced the addition of Wunder, who became a four-time league champion with the G2 roster between 2017 and 2021. Wunder also reached the championship in the 2019 MSI tournament by taking down Team Liquid. In the same year, he was one step away from the 2019 World Championship trophy. Although his recent performance in G2 was not good enough, Wunder is still the best top laner in the West if he focuses on playing League of Legends instead of WoW.

Fnatic’s starting roster for the 2022 LEC Spring Split

  • Top: Wunder
  • Jungle: Razork
  • Mid: Humanoid
  • ADC: Upset
  • Support: Hylissang

Nisqy moves to Substitute, Humanoid joins

Humanoid will be playing as FNC’s mid laner for the 2022 Spring Split after he ended the G2 domination that hung like a shadow over the league in recent years. The other European organizations demand to gain him for the next split because he made the fairy tale come true and won the league with MAD Lions two seasons in a row. MAD Lions built the team around a single player, who can compete against the toughest opponents in Europe individually, Humanoid.

The burden on Poland’s shoulders was lightened with the joining of Elyoya to the team. It also should be noted that the acquisition of Armut, who drew attention with his outstanding performance at the 2020 World Championship, helped Humanoid to focus on his own game. Led by Humanoid, MAD climbed the stairs rapidly and became the strongest fighting team in the world.

How far can Fnatic go with Razork?

Razork, the Spanish jungler signed a three-year contract with Fnatic after a successful season for himself in Misfits Gaming.

Razork’s comments on his new adventure

”Very happy to announce my new stage as a player in FNATIC. This time with a great team, it’s time to show my worth and win everything.”

Razork started his professional career as Dimego Club’s jungle player five years ago. He competed in the Spanish regional league between 2016–2019 and showed that he was ready to take one step forward. In 2019, when he made his LEC debut, Misfits Gaming gave this potential star a chance to keep up with the highest stage in Europe.

Razork is known as an aggressive early game jungler. Especially in the past two seasons in LEC, he turned into a different player. He takes on more responsibility for his teammates and wants to be in the center of the circle. Razork also adopted a game style focused on taking advantage of skirmishes or neutral objectives.

If Humanoid and Wunder act together with Razork, they can take the early game control on their hand in most of the matches. Razork and Humonid will not be the team’s primary carry players, they will most likely be in supporting roles. With this formula, Upset in carrying position, which was more beneficial for them in the 2021 Summer, Fnatic can finish the regular season in the top three considering that the last two LEC finalists MAD and Rogue lost power.

On the other hand, for playoffs, Fnatic has experienced players such as Wunder and Hylissang to make a difference when things get tough. The veteran support player extended his contract with Fnatic until the end of 2023. No more rookies, no more conflicts, no more auto-fills. The 2022 Spring Split would be the right season where Fnatic reached the championship three years later.

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