GEN Announced the Acquisition of Chovy, Peanut Returned

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LCK team GEN confirmed its 2022 Spring Split starting roster that has enough potential to dominate both the regular season and playoffs. Chovy, who is considered one of the best mid laner on the competitive stage since his debut with Griffin, joined GEN for the upcoming season with his old teammates Doran and Lehends.

It is unknown why Chovy preferred GEN instead of searching for other valuable opportunities. Probably, he demands to take one step forward in his ongoing LCK career. Chovy’s primary aim is to be a champion in the domestic league from now. After carrying Hanwha Life to the 2021 World Championship alone, Chovy must be tired of more. If things go well for GEN in the next season, they may think of lifting the Summoner’s Cup with this restructured roster.

GEN’s 2022 LCK Spring Split Starting Roster

  • Top: Doran
  • Jungle: Peanut
  • Mid: Chovy
  • Bot: Ruler
  • Support: Lehends
  • Head coach: Score

Reminder, Chovy is still young

Chovy started his professional career in LCK three years ago, when he was 17. As a newcomer, he made his way to the finals with Griffin in 2018, but T1 did not let them be champions. Chovy showed all of LCK followers what a laning beast he is even against the best players in the league while he was playing for Griffin. Chovy was the one who influenced the game more than his experienced opponents that have been competing in LCK for years. The newly established organization almost made the fairytale come true thanks to the harmony between Chovy and Tarzan, and Viper’s unexceptional performance throughout the year.

Chovy’s next station was DRX (formerly DragonX), which fans might remember as a contender in the 2018 MSI Finals. In 2019, the DRX starting roster included both skilled rookie players and veterans, such as Deft, Keria, and Pyosik. Chovy reached the finals in the LCK 2020 Summer Split, but this time there was an obstacle between him and the trophy, Damwon KIA.

After his one-year DRX adventure, Chovy transferred to Hanwha Life Esports for 2021. An old friend from DragonX, Deft, reunited with Chovy, and these two fateful companions were the core of their team. Even if Hanwha Life underperformed in the 2021 LCK Summer Split, they put a Worlds ticket in their pocket by taking down Nongshim RedForce in the 2021 LCK Regional Finals.

Peanut is Back!

Peanut returned to his former team, where he played for one year, 2019. After he tried his chance in the LPL team LGD Gaming and qualified for the 2020 World Championship, Peanut came back to Korea last year. He was Nongshim RedForce’s shot-caller jungle player while their mid-laner Gori played a supporting role. Nongshim RedForce exceeded expectations, finishing the regular season in third place ahead of T1. In the playoffs, they were eliminated by Damwon KIA and lost their Worlds chance to Hanwha Life in the regional finals.

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