League of Legends: All LCS Offseason Roster Changes

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After Chinese representative Edward Gaming won the most prestigious tournament of the year, the 2021 World Championship, by taking down Korean champion DWG in the grand finals, the 2022 spring transfer window officially opened. All teams from different regions are trying to make sensible moves to set up quality rosters that can get fans excited for the next season.

There are more roster changes ahead of this season than ever before, including in Korea and China. Even if the LEC is one or two steps ahead of the LCS in terms of international success, some of the best players of Europe, like Inspired, Bwipo, and Hans Sama joined LCS organizations, which is frustrating for LEC teams.

Everyone knows that North American teams are financially stronger than European teams. Their sources are more than enough to take any active player in the world except Faker (T1 gave him a 7.1 million dollar contract last week). LCS organizations do not just offer veteran players, they push the terms for young-talented names of their rival region, Europe.

Some questions may come to your mind immediately. Why do players choose to play in the LCS instead of seeking opportunities in other leagues? Is it all about the money? Why can’t European teams keep their players for a long time? Most of us think players intend to get better salaries, and for this purpose, they can put their careers in the background. Let’s discuss this issue later and concentrate on which players can perform well next split in North America.

Bwipo and Hans Sama sign Team Liquid, Alphari leaves

Team Liquid announced that Gabriël ‘Bwipo’ Rau and Steven ‘’Hans Sama’’ Liv joined the team for the 2022 Spring Season. After a disappointing result at the 2021 World Championship group stage for Fnatic, Bwipo returned to his original role where fans know him best. The twenty-four years old Belgian player reached the finals in his first split as a jungler. Team Liquid also extended CoreJJ and Santorin’s contract and confirmed its starting roster ahead of the new season.

One of the most iconic players in the Western League of Legends history, Bjergsen, returned to pro play after his coaching career at TSM was over. The Danish king will be playing for Team Liquid in the 2022 LCS Split.

TSM has not announced its LCS roster yet

The departure of mid-laner PowerOfEvil and veteran player SwordArt relieved TSM’s hand for restructuring. After Team Liquid transferred Hans Sama from Rogue, Edward ‘Tactical’ Ra signed a two-year contract with TSM. His bot lane partner is not yet clear, along with the team’s top and mid laners.

Cloud9 acquires Summit, Berserker, and Winsome as Fudge changes his role

Perkz officially left Cloud9 to evaluate new offers from Europe. Rumors are that he will join Team Vitality for the 2022 LEC Spring Season. Cloud9’s young star Fudge will play for his team as a mid laner next split.

The North American organization gave two Korean players, Kim Min ‘Berserker’ Cheol from T1 and Park ‘Summit’ Woo from Liiv SANDBOX, a chance to prove themselves. Isles joins the starting roster from the academy team and will compete with Korean support Winsome for the seat.

Evil Geniuses signed three-year contract with Inspired and Vulcan

EG confirmed that Inspired and Vulcan joined the organization for the next three years. Inspired is one of the most valuable players in the transfer market now and Evil Geniuses did not miss the chance to get him. Inspired has been competing at the top level for two years. Despite his young age (19), Inspired led Rogue to complete the regular season in the first place and was the core of the game. He reached the LEC finals in the 2021 Spring Split as MAD Lions hoist their second trophy two seasons in a row. He still has a long way to go before he wins championships and only time will tell what the future will bring for him.

All teams that have announced their LCS starting roster


  • Top: Ssumday, Tenacity
  • Jungle: Closer
  • Mid: Abbedagge
  • ADC: FBI
  • Support: Huhi

Counter Logic Gaming

  • Top: Jenkins
  • Jungle: Contractz
  • Mid: Palafox
  • ADC: Luger
  • Support: Poome


  • Top: FakeGod
  • Jungle: River
  • Mid: Blue
  • ADC: Neo
  • Support: Biofrost

Golden Guardians

  • Top: Licorice
  • Jungle: Pridestalker
  • Mid: Ablazeolive
  • ADC: Lost
  • Support: Olleh


  • Top: Revenge
  • Jungle: Xerxe
  • Mid: PowerOfEvil
  • ADC: WildTurtle
  • Support: Destiny
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