WB Has Been Trying to Make a Superman Game for Years

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Is a new Superman game on the horizon? According to several sources from across different media, WB studios are trying to make another Superman game. Well, that is to say, they’ve been trying to make several. Or, more specifically, they KEEP trying to make a Superman game and have been since 2013. This may seem like a crazy concept, a studio this big failing to produce a game in six years. But really, it’s the mechanics that have always baffled game designers. Not just flying, but every aspect of being Kal-El from Krypton is hard to program. WB is trying to use the gaming engine from their massively popular Arkham series. 


A Superman Game on Arkham’s Engine!

While this may seem like a no-brainer, using the engine from their flagship, it’s creating problems. Having Batman use his grapple-gun to swing from one vantage point to the next is great. But that’s not in any way how Superman gets around, and so problems have arisen. This problem also apparently plagued an open-world Suicide Squad game that WB never released. The same issues occurred there, with Harley Quinn and Deadshot needing different game mechanics. With the mixed results of the Suicide Squad movie, the game was scrapped. So how are we going to see a Superman open-world game? The real question is, after Superman 64… do we even want to? 

Concept Art from Scrapped Game

But in all seriousness, a game starring Superman with the quality of the Arkham titles is a Holy Grail. If there is a superhero more popular than Batman, it’s the boy scout. Game developers have been trying since a lot further back than 2013 without any notable success. There are arguments to be made about the quality of just about any game, but comic book games… ugh. There are more terrible, unplayable ones out there than good that’s for sure. But with the shining ray of hope that is the Arkham series, anything’s possible. If anything, Superman could be the thing to bring a ray of hope to this beleaguered studio.

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  1. A LOT of people mistakenly think that his invulnerability is a barrier, but really its’ not. It’s really more than he has a particularly high weight class, but it’s not a weight class of one. There are more than enough technological ways to hurt Supes, like the tech introduced in Superman Unchained where world governments had developed crazy tech like blackhole bullet/missiles that could make him bleed.


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