Veritas Keeps You Hostage… and That’s Just to Start

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Glitch Games has announced the newest addition to the ‘locked room adventure’ genre and it’s called Veritas. The new game released Wednesday (Feb 12), on PC and mobile. The launch trailer is spooky, to say the least with definite homages to Portal. The previously antiseptically clean landscape moves through a gritty aging process through the video. This is going to be a fun adventure into the realm Glitch Games pioneered. Check out the trailer below.

Glitch Games’ Journey to Veritas

The storyline is fascinating, involving a contract your character has already signed with the mysterious Veritas Industries. But you awaken in a vastly different environment than when you went to sleep. With no memories giving you any frame of reference, you have to play detective. Taking pictures with the Glitch Camera and writing notes on them manually to keep track. There are puzzles to solve and puns to interpret. The soundtrack itself is beautifully composed by Richard J. Moir, which is nice. You will be listening to it on repeat until you can find your way out.

Glitch Games, founded in 2012, previously released the popular Forever Lost, a member of the same genre. This is by no means a replay of their last hit but could be considered a spiritual successor. Veritas is set in a dark, foreboding world that thrusts you into it without much to grab onto for balance. Twisting the formula from Forever Lost, which tried to see how far you would go for someone you love.

Veritas tries to test your limits for self-preservation. Survival instinct is strong in all of us and it’s your most powerful weapon in Veritas. Aside from your Glitch camera and the notes you write on your pictures. In this way, you have to figure out exactly what happened before you woke up.  

Spreading Wings, Not Stepping on Toes

Glitch Games found MASSIVE success with their Forever Lost series on mobile platforms. This new release is a chance for them to bring in PC gamers to the fold. Glitch Games also does a great job of not alienating their original mobile fans. Veritas hopes to remind us why we LOVE being trapped! This time in a completely different landscape. Not to mention, this time, the player signed a contract to bring it on themselves. This adds a bit of self-deprecation into the mix as well. It really is wonderful to see Glitch Games expanding on what they do so well.

With a company like this popularizing a niche genre, originality is in the future. Diversity in the gaming space is crucial. There are enough similar games out there competing. We don’t need any more clones. Without people fighting for new experiences, all games would be the same. So they’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure this game is accessible to everyone. This way they can truly bring it to a wider audience.

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  1. What are the butterflies on the walls in the Glitch game Veritas? They never come into play and I’m sure they’re more of an Easter egg, but would like to hear any insight anyone has on those. Thanks!


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