The Year without a Stan Lee

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The Anniversary of the End of a Legend

As of November 12, Stan “The Man” Lee will have passed exactly one year ago. Born to the world as Stanley Martin Lieber, he didn’t know the effect he’d have on the world. There are literally thousands of moving parts within the comic book industry. Contributors and important people surround each and every aspect of comics. But you’d be hard-pressed to find any single person with as much influence as Stan. Not only because of the influx of characters he brought into the fold, but what he did for others.

Stan Lee's Legacy
Stan Lee is survived by his characters and fans…

There has always been a lot of controversy around public figures on the level of Stan. Lots of people say that the credit he received should have been given to groups of contributors. While who ‘deserves’ credit is always going to be up for debate, Stan was overall, influential to the business. His co-creations have literally lasted half a century in some cases. Yet none of them show any signs of losing popularity anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the highest-grossing movie series ever wouldn’t exist without Stan. So it would be difficult to say, regardless of controversy, that he didn’t impact the world. 

Stan Lee and Spidey
Stan Lee says goodbye to his most famous character

Heroes Never Die, They Fade Away…

Everyone who had the chance to be around Stan Lee for any length of time speaks highly of him. That says a lot about his character and personality, he was a well-liked man generally. But in this past year, I think we’ve all realized how important Stan Lee was. His influence can be felt everywhere in comics. It seems that with Disney continuing his work, the characters he helped to make will live on into eternity. Not to mention thrilling several new generations of fans Stan won’t ever meet. While he may lament not coming across anymore True Believers, I know he’d smile at his legacy.

Every year in convention halls all over the world, we pay tribute to his characters. Each convention will be a little less magical without his presence. But every comic he had a part in creating will share that magic with the world. Every character he made will live on and experience more thrilling stories and character development. It’s as if he left us a huge catalog of people to remember him by, a gift only Stan could give. 


Stan Lee Cosmic Hero
Stan’s real adventure just started.

Stan Lee’s Message to Fans

In the back of a 1967 comic in a section called “Stan’s Soapbox” you’ll find this message from Stan Lee.

“This is as good a place as any to thank you once more for being the most wonderful fans any publishing company ever had! If Marvel is on top of the heap, it’s your support that’s put us there! If Marvel gives you the type of mags you want, it’s your letters that have told us how! And, if Marvel occasionally comes up with a clinker, go hang your head, hero! Whatever we are, you’ve made us! We’ve had a lot of laughs together, and a lot of excitement- and the best is still ahead! So face front, frantic one. Marvel’s on the march- and we’re not taking a step without you! On behalf of the entire batty Bullpen, to True Believers, everywhere- we’ll never let you down, ‘cause you’re the ever-loving’ greatest!”

Jon "Flash" Schmitt

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