The Honor System Comes to WoW Classic Next Week

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Say goodbye to unrewarding PvP kills. The PvP Honor System will be implemented on November 12! Get ready to rack up those kills because things are heating up. Arm yourself with the best gear, or start farming WoW Classic gold for them. You don’t want to get caught flatfooted at the starting line of the race to get ranks, do you?

Confused about what it all means? Don’t worry, we’ll explain how the system works, so read on!

What is the Honor System?

It is a way to keep track of the PvP kills of a player. Accumulating ‘honorable kills’ (HK) will increase your contribution points (CP). Those points will determine your ranking points. Along with your HK, ranking points influence your final rank. Ranking only measures your contributions to PvP and is not a level of anything. It’s a measure of how active you are.

Now, HK isn’t the only way to farm contribution points. Completing Battleground objectives in later phases will also give you contribution points. It’s a better way to farm points. When you kill the same person multiple times within 24 hours, you get diminishing returns. That’s why, even when participating in long Battleground games and having over 1000 HK, you get less CP than when completing objectives. You can circumvent this by joining many short games against a different set of players each time.

Party members will get the same amount of CP as the host. There is less gain or none at all if the target is too weak or is too low ranking compared to you. Conversely, if you defeat equal to you or higher-ranked players, you get more points.

Rankings are calculated once per week. If you don’t participate, your rank will decay. Since it’s a measure of your activity, you only keep your rank if you do the bare minimum. To increase your rank, you have to be more and more active in world PvP and Battlegrounds.


Yes, the system brings rewards to those who participate. Aside from bragging rights and the feeling of superiority, you can get sweet armor based on your rank. Lower ranks get accessories and trinkets. Higher ranks get armor of superior quality and above. There’s even a mount available to those who get at least rank 11. As early as rank 2, you get an insignia that can remove various debuffs from your character.

If you’re worried that you’ll drop in rank and lose those rewards, don’t be. Future patches let players keep their rewards when they do. It’s just a matter of time before World of Warcraft Classic catches up.

Dishonorable Kills

If there are honorable kills, there are also dishonorable kills. You get them by killing specially labeled NPCs of the opposing faction. They include shopkeepers and quest NPCs. A single DK can ruin your whole PvP career by dropping your rank. Well, to be more specific, it will make you lose progress in ranking up. It’s best to avoid them.

Without this, NPC camping would be commonplace. The lower-leveled characters and newbies would have a hard time advancing or even enjoying the game. Though it ruined an aspect of world PvP, it makes a point. There is nothing honorable about obstructing other players through cheap tactics.

In Summary

Get contribution points through honor kills or Battlegrounds objectives. The higher the CP, the higher the Ranking Points. More Ranking Points and Honor Kills means a higher rank. A higher rank means better rewards.

With the Honor System, there’s now a purpose to PvP-ing, whether it’s world PvP or Battlegrounds. Are you ready yet? You should be, or you’ll be left in the dust. Enjoy PvP in WoW Classic!

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