CHORUS Crowdfunding Finally Completed!

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CHORUS, the first-ever musical adventure game, has finally met its crowdfunding goal late last night. Summerfall Studios asked for a mere $600,000. By budget standards set by larger game studios, it’s a minor amount. Summerfall Studios asked for the money despite receiving investments from other sources because the studio holds itself to a high standard, despite being in its infancy. Having come from better-known places of employment, the founders find themselves treating their newborn company as a cut above the rest, boasting about their fair pay for employees.

Future Plans for CHORUS

Fans seem to not mind waiting while CHORUS stays in development for a couple more years. A good portion of the game is already complete, but features still need to be added. For example, CHORUS only has two romantic interests. Add in extra dialogue, characters, song directions, and more branching narrative choices and you get a game with superb replay potential. While not necessary to play the game, these extended features add significantly more gameplay than before.

Summerfall Studios is using stretch goals to expand the game out more than previously planned. The speed at which CHORUS became funded is a strong indicator that the money will continue to pour in. At least until the campaign is taken off Fig. Any way you look at it, the surprises from Summerfall Studios don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.


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