Necronator: Dead Wrong or Dead Right?

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Necronator Arises

Are you an aspiring young necromancer? Do you have trouble with lame hero types always trying to harsh your mellow? If you said no, then you’re dead wrong; Necronator: Dead Wrong. That’s right! Remember my Coffee Talk article? Toge Productions, unwilling to be a one-hit-wonder, are already spitting out their next title. Coupled with Modern Wolf, Toge Productions is coming out with Necronator: Dead Wrong, an RTS and deck builder combo.

The Gameplay

You work for the comical evil genius Necronator as you utilize undead armies that you suspiciously had lying around to combat the good guys. Even typing that out makes me sick. In levels that resemble tower defense games, hordes of heroes travel down lanes leading to your base. Use your deck of cards to summon zombies that will protect your HQ until their last breath. Since they’re dead, that’ll be a while. Pick a commander, assemble your deck, and survive. Each commander comes with their own unique set of skills for you to synergize with your team.

Necronator Release

Necronator: Dead Wrong will release on Steam Early Access on February 13th. Not a long wait, but early access comes with a catch. The initial release will only have one commander available with one campaign and the first two tiers of units. Much more will be added down the line, but there’s no information detailing when that will be. It’s a rather mediocre introduction, but the hope still remains that the teaser will be more content-rich than expected. Only the days ahead will tell whether Necronator will bore us to death or breathe life into one of my favorite genres.


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