Kosmokrats Uses Capitalism for a Communist Setting

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If you remember Necronator, then you’ll know about the publisher Modern Wolf. They’re pretty new to the publishing game, but their selection of indie games is still giving little known developers a shot at fame. I have so much respect for indie developers, so which is up next? That would be the Polish company Pixel Delusion with their debut title Kosmokrats. It’s a quirky game about communism sold in a capitalist market, and if that isn’t hilarious enough to buy the game outright, I don’t know what is. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, then keep reading, comrade.

Say “Whee” in Zero G!

America won the space race back in the 60’s and Russia is still pretty salty. Now, in an alternate history, Russia is leaving the motherland and heading to space. For a “safer” and better future. In-game propaganda is aimed at convincing citizens that life on Earth is boring. Kosmokrats’ gameplay consists of you flying a little rocketship around and ramming blocky ship parts to connect them while in zero gravity. Match a few colored connectors and that’s it! Right? Sorry, comrade. You have a time limit. You can’t hit other cosmonauts. And did I mention zero gravity?

Still not satisfied with that challenge? You masochistic son of a gun. You can go drink some (in-game) vodka to kick up the difficulty a notch. Play through a comedic puzzle game with consequences for failure and different narrative directions. The Steam description of the game claims that no two playthroughs will be the same, but I don’t have enough information yet to know why. The only puzzle game that I have ever played with branching paths was The Talos Principle. Narrative choices, mistakes coming back to haunt you, comedy, communism. There really is something for the whole family.

Kosmokrats Koming at Ya

When’s the next generation of space race that’s still in the past? Soon. Ignore the confusing time reference. There’s not a specific date for this alternate universe space puzzler yet, but the game will be playable at PAX East from February 27th to March 1st. The official public release date is set sometime in 2020. Throw a dart at a calendar and try to guess. If you’re tired of living on Earth, then deal with gravity for just a bit longer until Kosmokrats releases on Steam.


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