Doom (1993): Does the Classic Still Hold Up?

Doom is undoubtfully one of the most influential and important series in video game history. Doom helped define the FPS genre. It was so influential that any other FPS games that came after it became known as Doom Clones until…


Destiny 2 Has Finally Nailed Its Storytelling

Previously on Destiny 2… Destiny 2 has never been a series that is good at storytelling. Be it the infamous and bad dialogues such as “I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain”. Or the…


Discovering Halo as a PC Player Through MCC

The Halo series is often praised as being one of the most influential game series of all time. It revolutionized console FPS and paved the way for the present-day FPS games. But as a PC player (who wasn’t around for…

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