Rick and morty – S06E01 Review : A good start

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Rick and Morty is back for its sixth season. And it is a off to a good start. I would recommend anyone who is is a fan that this looks optimistic. The Episode is titled Solaricks and it picks up soon after the end of the end of season 5.

Rick and Morty S5Ep10
End of Season 5

So to go in with no spoilers i would recommend to skip this, as there will be ,mild spoilers such that it does not ruin the story. Just do know that Rick and Morty as back with a solid start. One warking is that this seems to be a new direction in terms of how much they are addressing cannon. It is a bit different than before where the writers often ignore cannon for a few fun episodes. but we have yet to see the other episodes so let’s see how it pans out.

Spoilers from here for Rick and morty S06E01

So, the writers pick up from end of Season 5 where Rick and Morty are stranded in the middle of the ruins of the citadel. They are almost dead when Space Beth comes and saves them. It is charming and fun as they get back to their house. The portal guns does not work anymore. So rick need to disable all the portal fluid in the universe.

Rick messes up

But Rick messes the deletion up in a way where all the dimensional travers are sent back to their original dimensions. This leads to Rick going back to the original dimension that he is from where Diane and Beth are dead. Morty goes back to his original dimension where only his family is alive as survivalists. And there is a surprise traveler withem which i won’t be spoiling.

So, Rick and Morty is back and it is funny and good. Season 5 had some lows but also some great highs. Now with more concentration the cannon nature of the story it would be interesting to see how it pans out in the upcoming episodes.



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