She-Hulk : Attorney at Law – Episode 3 Review

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As mentioned last week the She-Hulk is off to a good start. The Sitcom vibe is fun even though the comedy is hit or miss. And this episode is the epitome of that, with a pretty bad subplot and ok main story. This does not ring doom and gloom but rather just a lacklustre episode. This is all i am gonna say before i go into spoilers.

She-Hulk and Wong

Spoilers From here on

We carry on from the main plot of the last episode with Abomination and Wong. Emil Blonsky aka Abomination is up for parole with Jen Walters representing him. Funnily enough the episode is about how Wong is needed to be in the Court as he helped Abomination escape the prison briefly as seen in Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings. i did not expect She-Hulk of all shows to connect the MCU together but ok sure. Honestly the few scenes with Wong are actually funny. I actually had one moment where i laughed out loud.

But other than that rest of the jokes were ok at best and very cringy at worst. The B-Plot kinda encapsulates that. This plot has a shapeshifting superhuman who catfishes and scams a sexist lawyer as Megan Thee Stallion . It is a good joke the first time but it does gets dragged out. I do not mean the final post credit scene, i don’t mind that unlike many online. It is just a stretched out joke which is ok at best.

One aspect that i kinda love is how the show knows its place in the greater media especially one of a female superhero. With She-Hulk’s fourth wall breaking and how it calls out and directly attacks toxic Marvel fanboys no holds barred. these aspects are actually well executed and work great in the show. I do hope the show continues to not hold back on this.

All this does not betray the tone of the show or the character like how it was with the Halo TV show earlier this year. This just feels like a boring episode of a sitcom which had to happed for the plot to proceed.



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