Rick and Morty – S06E06 Review: Pretty Good

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This season of Rick and Morty has been consistently pretty good with a few excellent episodes in between. This episode of Rick and Morty is in the same boat for me as the last one. Fun and pretty damn good. It is great that we have been through more than half of the season and there is yet to be a stumble in terms of an episode. This episode is pretty fun. So the title implies Juricksic Mort is all about dinosaurs. It is a fun twist on the idea of having Dinosaurs and aliens coming back to earth. So I would recommend the episode but spoilers from out on.

Spoilers from here On

So the episode starts with the Dinosaurs coming down from spaceships. They are confused about why their people are not here. So they have been away for quite a while and they are very very smart. It is fun to see hyper-intelligent dinosaurs who are just here to help. They are kinda disappointed with what we as humans are doing with the planet.

Rick and Morty_S6EP6

So the dinosaurs are just good guys trying to help. They kinda emasculate humanity with how they solve most of the world’s conflicts. So much so that everyone is absolutely defeated. The Dinosaurs are just good people which is in contrast to most characters in the show. How it builds up with them is really damn interesting. So, how Rick and Morty actually deal with it is fun. As most of the family and the president are practically begging Rick to get rid of the dinos. While both of them seem pretty content with how it is.

The episode has some fun twists very unexpected. It also ends in a way which will be interesting for the upcoming episodes as the season goes on a hiatus till November 20th.

Rick and Morty are being consistently good and this is another episode which is also pretty good. I will be missing the duo for now but at least we don’t have to wait for long.



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