Rick and Morty – S06E05 Review: Fun all the way

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Rick and Morty season 6 has been kind of on a roll. The episodes have been consistently fun. Especially the last episode got better as I thought about it. I liked the episode on it when I first saw it but as I watched it again over the week it got better. It is a really fun horror-themed episode. So this week we are back to an actually simple Ricka and Morty story. The episode is called Final Desimtation and it is Rick and Jerry episode. So spoilers from here out.

Mild spoilers

Rick and Morty _ Jerry

The episode starts with the family breaking fortune cookies. Everyone gets something normal to expect Jerry who gets the prediction that he will have sex with his mom. It is kinda weird that there is very less actual Rick and Morty this season. And it has been working well. This is fucked up and throws him off while the rest of the family dismisses it. All except Rick. As the family (which now includes Space Beth which is cool) go to the Zoo, Rick and Jerry realize that whatever is on the cookies really happens.

So the rest of the episode is Rick along with Jerry trying to find why the cookies are actually predicting the real future. Or if they were just causing futures to happen. Rick and Jerry actually bonding is fun and interesting. It shows how they have actually grown to respect each other and the episode works due to that.

This season of Rick and Morty is yet to have a bad episode and hopefully, it does not have one. The concentration on family rather than just Rick and Morty is working wonders. the family is getting fleshed out and the dynamic is being shifted to keep each episode fresh. Hopefully, the rest of the season maintains the tempo.



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  1. I’m glad they left the running joke to viewers that Jerry’s fortune was just a tongue-in-cheek way of calling its reader a motherfucker – wonder if it will inspire future fortune cookie messages? 😀 Loved the “Taxi” theme used during both the Panda Express shootout and end credits. It’s also a nod to Christopher Lloyd, known for his rolls as Reverend Jim in Taxi and Doc Brown of the Back to the Future franchise, whom Rick is somewhat a twisted combined version of both. What makes it more hilarious is Morty and Summer’s ‘Taxi-Tok’ his phone and playlist is an updated reference to him getting Rickrolled.


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