Rick and Morty – S06E04 Review: Pretty Fun

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Rick and Morty has its up and downs. While last week would not be a low but it was off-putting. It was still a pretty fun episode. On the other hand, Night Family is a classic Rick and Morty Episode that is pretty self-contained and entertaining. It is damn fun and flows well. It may not be the best of episodes, but even the good episodes of Rick and Morty are better than most shows hope for. So I would recommend watching the episode before reading through the article.

Mild Spoilers from here on

The basic premise is that all the family manages to get into an adventure. Rick introduces a new machine which allows the subconscious of the any person to do talks for them while they are are asleep. All the family obviously get in on it with each of them leaving a lot of the work to the so-called “Night Family”.

This very obviously backfires in an entertaining way as the night family get a more severe consciousness. They rebel against the day family with each other, fed up essentially being slaves. The family dynamics of the night people are kinda different with summer being in charge, not Rick. The way they rebel and manage to communicate with each other is fun and funny.

This episode confirms one inkling I had. This season is more of a family season rather than just Rick and Morty. Especially it shows how each and every member of the family is important, even Jerry who is showing clear character growth which is really interesting to see. I hope this continues across the season.

Night Family is a really good Rick and Morty episode which is self-contained and funny. Nothing spectacular but on a whole the series and the focus on Family rather than just Rick and Morty is really encouraging.



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