She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Episode 7 Review

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She-Hulk continues to be a mediocre but perfectly fine Sitcom. Just like the last episode the show is enjoyable but nothing more. So if you like the show till now you will like this episode. If not steer clear of it. For me the show is still hit or miss. But the main story does advance here more than before.

Jen aka She-Hulk

Mild Spoilers for She-Hulk

So this episode picks up with Josh from the wedding. Jen is happy than some one is with her because she is Jen and not She-Hulk. But the happiness is short lived as he just ghosts her after they have sex. This part is pretty well executed. Seeing Jen being sad and dejected is done well. I honestly think that it is better because it is not played for laughs. The whole episode is actually light on the comedy and it is good.

So she ends up taking her weekend with work after she gets ghosted. Here we catch up with Emil Blonsky aka Abomination. And he is just running a superhuman retreat. He has more or less become a superhuman therapist. It is actually pretty fun seeing him so chill and controlled.all while his Parloe officer is afraid of him, Kinda showing that many are still very afraid of him.

There are some relatively obscure characters from Marvel comics. So the episode slowly turns into a therputic one for Jen with her dealing with her self worth issues. It dies end with an obvious twist that i am not gonna go over but it a better episode than last one.Although it is in the same line as before. There are actually some bits which made me genuinely laugh espcially when Jen revinded the epsode to remind us of something. But the rest was a miss for me.

She-Hulk is back and it is more of the same. Eventhough this episode seems to be the best version of that with charecter growth and some fun scenes. It is a ok Sitcom and nothing more.



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