She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Episode 6 Review

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She-Hulk now has two filler episodes back to back. Last week I have stated that episode 5 felt like a filler. But unlike the last episode, this actually felt like a filler. Because it is a self-contained wedding episode which is told to be one. The episode is even Titled “Just Jen“.But unlike the last episode, I found this episode pretty fun. So iIguess spoilers from now for She-Hulk on, but I do not think that is necessary. There is some teasing in the end, but that’s not important.

Mild Spoilers from here

I kind of love how the show just knows how the toxic fanboys will react to the show. Jen calls out all the Toxic haters in a pretty fun way. This is really fun for me as the exhibit had to predict this months ago. So ya, this is just a fun wedding episode where Jen goes to the wedding of a friend. The friend has invited as an obligation. So, it is awkward.

Jen is rather excited about being She-Hulk because she wants her friends to see her physical glow up. All this is stumbled upon when Titania also shows up at the wedding just to taunt her. And it is a simple sitcom-type catfight in the world of superheroes. The simplicity helps the show. It feels more cohesive too. The secondary plot was very hot or miss with an immortal guy just running away from his various marriages and how to deal with him legally. Unlike last week I prefer this tone. There are some more teases and foreshadowing at the end but let’s see how it pans out.

Honestly, it feels weird reviewing She-Hulk week to week. It is more similar to sitcom than any Superhero show. And unlike last week this time, I think it worked better. So let’s see how the story pans out in the final 3 episodes.



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