Deadpool 3 will have Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

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Well…This came out of nowhere. Ryan Reynolds is going to back as Deadpool in the MCU in 2024 in Deadpool 3. But that is not all, Hugh Jackman will be back as Wolverine. This is damn exciting.

Deadpool 3 release date
Deadpool 3 release date

The teaser is actually really damn funny. It shows Ryan Reynolds struggling to find new ideas for the sequel. While he casually asks Hugh to be in the movie and yep. In the background, we can hear I Will Always Love You, by Whitney Houston, which has been tweaked as I will always love Hugh. Next, we see a black screen with “Coming Hughn” written on it. In the end, a Deadpool logo shows up and within a few seconds, it gets sliced up by Wolverine’s adamantium claws. So what does this actually entail?

We know that the characters and actors from the fox deal cannot be recast till 2025. So for now they are stuck with them. So this is a brilliant idea. Even though we have no clue what version of Wolverine we are gonna get. But the chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is awesome so I am down for it. Even John Krasinski teased that he will be in the movie but it seems more like a tease than anything else.

It will be curious if they will bring back the version from Logan. As Jackman’s iconic take on the character most likely did die in Logan. The most exciting aspect is not just that wolverine would be back but Deadpool. Because we are seemingly getting Deadpool into MCU. It is a great indication of the future especially with She-Hulk too in being another fourth wall-breaking character

And we do know that the movie is gonna be R rated as Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick the writers who are currently writing “Deadpool 3” confirmed. It is to be directed by Shawn Levy. Set to release in Phase 6 so it will be interesting and exciting.


Rayn Renolds released a new video.

Thank you MCU and Kevin Feige!!!

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