Rick and Morty – S06E03 Review: It got Weird

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So after last week was a classic Rick and Morty standalone episode, we are back to an in-continuity episode. But not really, Bethic Twinstinct is a Beth episode which gets very damn weird and taboo. Overall I thought it was okay…..just another run-of-the-mill Rick and Morty episode, So do watch it. But be ready for the episode and brace yourself—spoilers from now on.

Mild Spoilers for Bethic Twinstinct

So it is a Thanksgiving episode. With Space Beth joining the family. It seems like Space beth will be the season’s staple, at least by how it plays out. It’s all fun and awkward, with Jerry saying he will kill himself. Rick and Morty have set up a gaming system o play ultra-realistic games. So it’s all normal until Beth and Space Beth start hanging out. They get along really well until they kind of start flirting.

Rick and Morty, Beth and Space Beth

So if you have caught no, this episode is about Beth and Space Beth Falling in love. It is awkward with some hilarious jokes. But it is uncomfortable, the story seems similar to the Loki MCU show, where Loki is so narcissistic that he ends up falling in love with himself. It is very similar to Beth, here and it kinda works, at least according to me.

The episode does not really have a B-Plot, with it revolving around the family dealing with this. It is funny seeing Rick and Morty, along with Summer, being kind of traumatized by knowing this. The episode is fun, as said but gets weird, and I would prefer if someone discovers how uncomfortable it gets by going through it themself. Because in the episode, it gets way crazier than just Beth loving herself.

For now, Rick and Morty has been pretty good. This episode is ok and weird. But unlike the incest baby episode last season, it is not stupid. So…watch at your own risk.



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