She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Episode 5 Review

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Last week’s episode of She-Hulk was fun, but it lost me this week. The episode was honestly very boring. I do not mean to say it is terrible, but it is a filler episode with almost nothing new and fun. So if you want, you can skip the episode. But if not, look out for spoilers from now on.

Mild Spoilers from now

The main plot of the episode revolves around She-Hulk trying Titania in court. After she copyrights the name She-Hulk, so it is just a scene over the scene of them in court arguing about how she is not the owner of the copyright.

She-Hulk and Titania in court

So to prove that Jen had used the name She-Hulk before, she had to show her dating profile. Along with the men as witnesses. So this is supposed to be funny, but I could not lash at it. For me, it missed the mark. Titania is fun, but this episode does not work. Maybe Better Call Saul spoiled me with great courthouse scenes, but this show does them pretty bad. They are flat and uninteresting. At the same time, she was moving with no sense of natural progression.

The B Plot revolves around Jen’s Friends finding her a superhero costume and new clothes that fit her. And they end up meeting someone who designs costumes for superheroes. It’s cute, but you, nothing happens. If I have ever seen one, it is a filler episode of a sitcom. I can barely muster enough words to talk about it, so you.

Overall ya, This episode of She-Hulk can be skipped. It is one of those filler episodes sitcoms have to fill in the 24 episodes of a season difference, being this is a 9-episode show, so it should not ideally have these. I am still excited about what will come, but this was boring.



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