Rick and Morty – S06E02 Review : Doing a Die Hard

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After a banger of an episode last week Rick and Morty is back. And this time unlike being fully steeped in continuity we get a pretty standalone episode. Even though the episode may have some implications for the future, for now it is pretty good. So, If you want to go into the episode with no spoilers, then just realize that this is also a pretty fun episode.

Mild Spoilers from here

Rick and Morty – S06E02

The Title of the episode is called A Mort well Lived. And it is about Rick and Morty along with Summer going to Blips and Chitz. Morty ends up being stuck in the game “Roy” which was seen in few of the previous episodes. Now Rick has to rescue Morty whose consciousness is distributed into all the NPCs in the game. It is hilarious seeing various parts of Morty arguing with each other as its all the conscious of the same person. Rick in all this need to login as Roy in order to rally all the people in the Game’s world in order to get all the parts of Morty’s mind outside.

This ends up forming a complex society in Morty’s mind with some of his consciousness believing that he is a young boy stuck in game. While others do not. It is hilarious as Rick tries not to form a religion but ends up doing so.

All this while there is a terrorist attack on Blips and Chitz, Summer is out there stuck doing a “Die-Hard”. As a fan of Die-Hard it is a really good homage with summer and the terrorists who love Die-Hard. It can be predictable but fun non the less. A really good B Plot for the story.

On a whole, A Mort well Lived just a fun Rick and Morty Standalone episode. And it most likely has big implications with how it plays out.



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