LEC 2022 Summer – Week 4 Preview

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After a one-week hiatus, the LEC 2022 Summer will return back with a slew of jaw-dropping matchups on June 15. There is an ongoing race between middle-ranked teams to clinch their spot in the playoffs. Also, SK Gaming and Team BDS still have a chance to make their way to the playoffs even though both teams did not look promising for the coming weeks. However, you should never say never for a possibility, especially if it is about a European team.

Here is the full schedule for Week 4 of the LEC 2022 Summer:

June 15

  • Excel vs Astralis
  • Team BDS vs MAD Lions
  • Misfits Gaming vs Fnatic
  • SK Gaming vs G2
  • Team Vitality vs Rogue

June 16

  • SK Gaming vs Excel
  • MAD Lions vs Astralis
  • Team BDS vs Rogue
  • Misfits Gaming vs G2
  • Fnatic vs Team Vitality

Week 4 of the regular season is set to begin with the matchup between Excel and Astralis. One thing to mention about Astralis that they are obviously better than they looked in the previous season. The EU roster captured three wins of their seven games, indicating an adequate performance for the playoffs. Excel, on the flip side, tied in first place with Fnatic and Rogue, having beaten Team BDS last week. Astralis will need to defeat Excel to close the discrepancy in the standings, while Excel should not let any surprise against them to stand at the top.

MAD Lions have been increasing their performance as the weeks passed, trying to find a new strategy to use Nisqy in the best possible way. Week 4 matches of MAD will not be decisive to reach a definite conclusion, as they will go up against Team BDS and Astralis, the two low-ranked teams in the league. However, it is not safe to say that MAD will have a perfect week because they can throw against teams like these. Fans will see how they will integrate Nisqy into their primary game plan in the upcoming weeks.

The reigning champion will have to recover for the title

G2 Esports fell from the top after looking feeble at the start of the season. We are aware that G2 do not take regular-season matches very seriously. However, their MSI journey has worn them out mentally and physically. Fortunately, G2 have relatively two easy games against SK Gaming and Misfits Gaming. Although G2 still could not get in shape, both teams have to show off an outstanding performance to tear down the defending champion.

Rogue got through their heavy schedule by capturing a phenomenal five-game winning streak. Although the regular season juggernaut made a discouraging start to the league in the first week, several pivotal wins put them at the top of the standings. One thing to mention about them is their rookie carry player, Comp, exceeded the expectations after the departure of Hans Sama. Rogue will open up week 4 against Team Vitality to maintain their win streak, and they will take on Team BDS on the closing day for another perfect week.

You can watch the upcoming matches mentioned above from the official LEC Twitch channel. Have fun!

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