LCK 2022 Summer – Week 4 Recap

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Week 4 of the League Championship Korea has come and gone with the defending champion, T1, trying to take their throne back from GEN on Wednesday’s adrenaline-fuelled series. Although GEN opened up the hotly-anticipated match-up with a clean win over T1, Faker created many chances for his team to bounce back to the series. In the end, T1 secured two consecutive wins, capturing the most pivotal victory of their regular season against GEN.

Here are the full results for week 4 of the 2022 LCK Summer


  • NS 1 — 2 KT
  • KDF 2 — 0 BRO


  • DK 1 — 2 DRX
  • HLE 1 — 2 LSB


  • GEN 1 — 2 T1
  • KDF 2 — 1 KT


  • NS 0 — 2 LSB
  • HLE 0 — 2 DWG


  • DRX 0 — 2 GEN
  • T1 2 — 0 BRO

The 2022 Summer Split has provided a bevy of hectic matches between the top four Korean juggernauts until now. Two of them battled it out for their place on top of the standings, but it was T1 who got what they wanted from the series. The reigning champion ended GEN’s seven-matches phenomenal winning streak with a longing performance. DRX, on the other hand, breezed past DWG 2-1, tying their scores in 5W 2L as of the fourth week.

GEN vs T1

The undefeated Spring champion was a bit far from their performance in the previous season. GEN, on the flip side, looked better thanks to the fixed role distribution and communication problems among the players. Heading to this series, none of them could be rated as the favorite because they were nearly on the same level.

GEN wrapped up the series by dismantling T1 before the game went into the late phase. Even though they had not broken early game champions, GEN took the lead from the beginning, pressuring Faker on mid lane to prevent him from roaming around the map. In other words, the winning formula was pretty simple for GEN to employ in a slow-paced game.

In the second game, T1 built up a team fight composition around Draven and Lissandra. Chovy bravely picked Akali to be a threat to Lissandra, and he accomplished it. Even though Chovy did amazing work with Akali against Faker, it was not enough to carry his team to victory. T1 had a perfect game to balance the series, making a statement for the decider match.

Game 3 saw T1 struggling to secure the early game with the help of Lee Sin. It was understood again why teams should not let Oner pick Lee Sin. The young star carried the match until the mid-late phase, having demolished the early game with his power spike. T1 propped their back up on Oner, and he was able to handle this responsibility.

Will Liiv SANDBOX be able to stay in second place?

Liiv SANDBOX tied in second place with 6W 2L at the end of the week. After taking down HLE 2-1, LSB had excellent work against Nongshim to secure their first perfect week of the regular season. However, they will have to repeat their success against GEN on the opening day of Week 5 to stay ahead of DWG and DRX.

LCK 2022 Summer will be back on Wednesday with plenty of thrilling match-ups. T1 will take on DRX after going up against HLE in the opening match of week 5. GEN, on the other hand, will compete against HLE and NS to maintain their first place. You can watch all the games on the official LCK Twitch channel.

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