Netflix Announces Kingdom: The Blood for PC and Mobile

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Publisher Netflix has announced that Kingdom: The Blood, a new apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Action Square, will release for PC, IOS, and Android. Based on Netflix’s horror series named Kingdom, which was first premiered on the streaming platform back in 2019, the upcoming action thriller will be an adaptation of its story.

netflix will bring the 16th century of Korean Culture to life

An exact release date for Kingdom: The Blood has yet to be announced. You can watch the first gameplay trailer released by Netflix below. As we can understand from the footage in the trailer, Kingdom: The Blood will live up to its name and feature bloody, cruel deaths. The trailer gives an idea of what to expect from its theme, combat, and aesthetic. According to Netflix, a professional sword dancer played a crucial role in replicating the Korean combat style.

Kingdom: The Blood is an action, combat-focused RPG featuring both single and multiplayer modes. As outlined in the game description, developer Action Square will be faithful to the 16th century of Korea in terms of textures, colors, clothing, traditional combat style, and architecture. It looks like interpretation will be avoided to deliver the most realistic experience.

Players can reflect their style with a wide array of customization options. How important role-playing elements will be for the course of the story will be a key part of the game to differentiate itself from its counterparts. Otherwise, it could be a low-budget Ghost of Tsushima replica.

Kingdom: The Blood might be a game you want to test out with your friends. Alongside its multiplayer mode, the game will have an immersive story based on the Netflix series. In addition, the upcoming RPG will feature conquest mode, multi-boss mode, and PVP mode in which bloodthirsty players will cut each other’s heads off.

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