IEM Cologne 2022: Astralis and FaZe Clan Advance To The Playoffs

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The fierce competition between teams for the playoff stage is not over yet, as FaZe Clan secured their spot in the next phase by taking down Team Spirit 2-0 with a sheer performance reminiscent of their Major Antwerp times. Astralis, on the other hand, took the hammer down on Cloud9 to be the second team to advance to the playoffs from group B. From now on, the lower bracket will see plenty of competent teams square off each other to clinch their spot in the playoffs.

Astralis vs Cloud9

For many CS: GO fans, Astralis were not expected to demolish Cloud9 in yesterday’s bo3 series. Cloud9 participated in Cologne as the champion of IEM Dallas 2022, making them the favorite against Astralis. However, things got out of hand for the NA powerhouse. Astralis opened up the series on Inferno, which they picked first, with a consistent performance both in CT and T side. One thing to mention about the first game is Astralis had a clearly better aim, and their kill participation was evenly distributed within the team. That also led Astralis to victory to take advantage of the series.

Game 2 saw Cloud9 struggling on Mirage to turn things in their favor. However, blameF had something to say about Cloud9’s well-meaning efforts, as he completed the game with an excellent 1.89 rating score and 83.3% KAST. After securing 10 rounds in the first half, it was as easy as pie to capture 6 rounds to finish the job.

With this trouble-free win over Cloud9, Astralis clinched their spot in Lanxess Arena, but they are not done with the group stage yet. If they beat FaZe Clan in the third round, Astralis will directly qualify for the semifinals. Otherwise, the NA representative will kick off their playoff run from the quarterfinals.

One last chance for c9, tL, furıa, and spirit

We have two losers’ bracket match-ups in our hands to determine who will take the final berth from group B. Cloud9 will take on Team Liquid, while Team Spirit will go up against FURIA Esports. Group B lower bracket series’ will kick off on June 10. Teams will have to win two series to make their way to the playoffs.

Yesterday was also an important day for MOUZ and NIP as they defeated VIT and G2 Esports, respectively, to meet in the losers’ bracket finals. Whoever wins the series will directly advance to the playoffs, while the other will return home with disappointment. The do-or-die series between MOUZ and NIP is set to play on June 10. After this hectic series, NAVI will face off against Movistar Riders to complete the group stage in first place. You do not want to miss today’s match-ups if you call yourself a CS: GO fan. To watch these jaw-dropping series’ mentioned above, you can head to the official ESL Twitch channel. Have fun!

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