Bright Memory: Infinite Will Launch For Consoles

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FYDQ-Studio, the developer of Bright Memory: Infinite, has announced that its first-person shooter game will make its way to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch on July 21. It seems as though the studio has been working on optimizing Bright Memory for other platforms for a while, and July 21 is a pretty close date to wait to try out the game on the next-gen consoles.

Players can now add the gold edition of Bright Memory to their wishlist on PS Store and Nintendo eShop. However, Microsoft Store listed the game in the platinum edition. The difference between the two packages is not known as of now. Bright Memory: Infinite will utilize hardware enhancements that make your gameplay more enjoyable. The game will support Ray Tracing and 4K ultra HD graphics on both Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. Bright Memory will also have a 120 Hz performance mode to offer a smooth combat experience.

Enjoy its horrific atmosphere

Bright Memory: Infinite is a first-person shooter adventure game initially released for PC via Steam back in 2021. The beloved indie title aimed to blend action and RPG elements into its combat, making it a standalone game that you may not expect to come from a one-man developer team. Players can combine a wide array of abilities and skills to take down their foes by making blinding combos. Aside from your gunfire, you can slay who gets in your way with your sword. You can also customize your ranged weapon with different ammunitions such as bombs, missiles, and grenades.

The story takes place in 2036 when the Supernatural Science Research Organization has tasked its agents with investigating an unknown circumstance that appeared in the sky. It may sound you a cliche scenario, but Bright Memory does not emphasize its story. So immerse yourself in its rip-roaring combat experience to enjoy the game.

Bright Memory: Infinite will be available on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on July 21. If you have not tried out this shooter adventure with stylish combat, you should wait for two weeks to get your hands on the best possible version of the game.

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