FaZe Clan Are Your PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Champions!

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FaZe Clan have officially established their kingdom against the rest of the world after taking down NAVI 2-0 in the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Finals. With this marvelous victory over the favorite of the Major, FaZe Clan reached the championship in three international tournaments in a row, which makes it one of the best series in CS:GO competitive history. The NA juggernaut collected their second title of the year, as they finished in first place in ESL One Season 15 by demolishing the Finnish team, ENCE. FaZe Clan have vanquished G2, ENCE, and NAVI in the grand finals since last year’s Stockholm Major, respectively, and opened the doors to a new era in the CSGO competitive scene.

The reigning champion will now return home with 500.000$ prize money and 1800 circuit points, which will help them to participate in the next Major event. NAVI, on the other hand, could not complete their flawless playoff run with a trophy even though everyone expected NAVI to take their revenge on FaZe. They will now wait for Autumn Major 2022, which is scheduled to begin on 31 October, to make up for their loss.

FaZe Clan defeated NIP and Team Spirit to reach the grand finals

FaZe Clan participated in PGL Antwerp Major as the absolute favorite considering their outstanding performance in ESL One Season 15. The starting roster that won two consecutive finals remained the same, which made them the best team in the world rankings. However, FaZe were not such bright in the Legends stage, where they tied in fifth place with 3W1L. Their dominance eased while NAVI and Team Spirit captivated all of us with their undefeated run. FaZe’s loss on Mirage against ENCE put the team behind NIP in the standings. The defending champion had to change something to prove that they were still the best.

Champions stage for FaZe started with a tough 2-1 win over Ninjas in Pyjamas. FaZe Clan matched Team Spirit in the semifinals, and every fan has their eyes set on this series because there was a team that could beat the reigning champion. Consequently, the series was one-sided contrary to expectations. FaZe Clan dismantled Spirit in overtime on Dust II and secured their spot at the grand finals. On the other side of the bracket, NAVI reached the finals by defeating Heroic and ENCE in the previous rounds respectively. The two CSGO titans met in the do-or-die series, which fans wanted to see for a great closing of the Major.

”broky” and ”rain” left their mark

The jaw-dropping final series kicked off with FaZe Clan taking down NAVI 19-16 on Inferno led by rain and broky. On the second map, NAVI’s guard was down, and FaZe stood by to strike the final blow. Rain left his mark on Nuke with 30 kills in total and a 1.8 rating throughout the match, while karrigan led his team in the macro game with the most kills. FaZe Clan closed out the series in two games and lifted the trophy in Antwerp as they deserved.

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