VCT EMEA 2022 Stage 2 challengers Playoffs: Teams, Format, Prize Pool

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Valorant Champions Tour 2022 is set to continue with the playoff competition between top-tier EMEA teams that have proven themselves in the group stage of Stage 2 Challengers. Top six teams from the groups secure their spot in the playoffs, which is scheduled to begin on June 17. Here are all the details you need to know about the Stage 2 Playoffs before getting caught up in the excitement of the tournament.

Format & Prize Pool

Top six teams from the group stage were placed in a double-elimination bracket, which also means that teams will have one more chance in the loser’s bracket. All matches will be bo3 except the lower bracket final and grand final. Top three teams from the playoffs will qualify for Stage 2 Master, which will take place in Copenhagen between 10-24 July.

Stage 2 Playoffs will have a €200.000 prize pool to share among participants. The winner of the playoff stage will earn €40.000 prize money, while the loser of the grand finals will put €22.000 in their pocket. A certain number of circuit points will also be spread among the teams.


12 teams around the EMEA region were split into two groups of four each. European representative, Fnatic, went undefeated in their five group matches and will directly qualify for the upper bracket semifinals. Guild Esports were another team that have advanced to the semifinals thanks to their outstanding group stage performance. Team Liquid and Gambit finished group B ahead of BBL Esports, NAVI, and BIG to secure their shot at the playoffs. Here are all the teams that will compete in the Stage 2 Playoffs.

  • Fnatic
  • Acend
  • M3 Champions
  • Team Liquid
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Guild Esports


The highly anticipated group stage of Stage 2 Challengers is slated to begin on June 17 with a rip-roaring series between the former two Masters champions, Acend and Gambit. In the following series, FunPlus Phoenix will go up against Team Liquid in the upper bracket quarterfinals. For the semifinals, Guild Esports will meet the winner of the Acend versus Gambit series, while Fnatic will take on either FPX or Team Liquid. Both upper bracket semifinals will be played on June 18, while the grand finals will take place on June 26.

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