VCT 2022- Masters Reykjavik: Quarterfinal Results

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The first round of the playoff stage of VCT 2022 – Stage 1 Masters Reykjavik has concluded with four teams from different regions, G2 Esports, LOUD, DRX, and OpTic Gaming reaching the upper bracket semifinals. On the flip side, ZETA Division, Team Liquid, Paper Rex, and The Guard fell to the lower bracket after starting the first round with inferior performance.d

LOUD will face off against G2 Esports in round 2 of the winner bracket, while OpTic Gaming will take on DRX to make their way to the upper finals. Both series are set to play tomorrow. You can watch the intercontinental clash from the official Valorant Twitch channel. There will also be a fierce battle between ZETA Division and Team Liquid in the lower bracket. Paper Rex and The Guard are also the other two teams that will square off to keep their hope alive. Round 1 series` of the losers bracket will begin in a few hours.

VCT 2022- masters Reykjavik Quarterfinal Results

  • G2 Esports 2 — 0 ZETA Division
  • LOUD 2 — 1 Team Liquid
  • Paper Rex 1 — 2 DRX
  • OpTic Gaming 2 — 1 The Guard

G2 Esports took the hammer down on ZETA Division in a quick 2-0 series. The first quarterfinal series started on Split, which resulted in G2 winning the map 13 – 7 without resistance. Nothing changed on ZETA, and the second map of the series, Bind, was not different from the first one. G2 Esports sent the Japanese representative to the lower bracket with a clean win.

LOUD defeated Team Liquid in an intense series thanks to their outstanding performance on the decider map, Ascent. Even though Team Liquid kicked off the series with a 13 – 10 loss on Icebox, they bounced back on Haven and took the mental lead by sweeping LOUD 13-3. However, the Brazilian team proved that their mental health is not fragile, squeezed Team Liquid, led by Eric “aspas” Santos. The European representative, one of the favorites of the tournament, will continue their way from the losers bracket, where the mistake is irreversible.

DRX avoided a possible 2-0 loss against Paper Rex while OpTic Gaming got their revenge on The Guard. The two North American teams faced off in the qualifiers before participating in VCT Masters Reykjavik, and OpTic could not take down The Guard at that time.

However, since their last encounter, many things have changed on OpTic, including analyzing the opponent. OpTic wiped out their regional rival with a close 13-11 Fracture win and matched DRX in the next round. The Guard, on the other hand, will meet Paper Rex to compensate for the poor performance that caused them to be fallen to the lower bracket.

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