Chovy Extends His Contract With GEN

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Jeong “Chovy” Ji Hoon extended his contract with GEN until Nov. 2023, the Korean organization announced on its Twitter account. Chovy signed a one-year contract with GEN ahead of the 2022 LCK Spring, and it looks like the 21-year-old talented mid laner will be a part of GEN’s starting roster in the upcoming season. Moreover, this is the first time that Chovy has extended his contract with an organization in his professional career, which started in 2018.

“I am completely sure that I can provide great results through GEN’s extensive support.” Chovy described his feelings about the decision.

Chovy was considered one of the best mid laners in the world since his first full-season appearance on Griffin four years ago. His top-level mechanics have always put Chovy one step ahead of his competitors. Chovy has been consistently compared to Faker and Showmaker throughout his career, and many fans found him better in some ways. After his tenure with Griffin in 2018, Chovy has played for teams like DRX and Hanwha Life Esports. Although his teammates were not incompetent to win the league, Chovy has actively no LCK trophy, which is why he has been facing criticism for years.

GEN will be a contender for the title

GEN decided to revamp its starting roster after eliminating from the 2022 World Championship with a disappointing loss against RNG in the semifinals. The Korean organization parted ways with four players on its current roster, BDD, Life, Rascal, and Clid. Chovy joined the team after his contract with Hanwha Life expired. It looked like the best replacement for BDD, given what Chovy can bring to the team in the playoffs.

The regular season of the 2022 Spring was better than GEN expected, as their revamped roster finished in second place behind T1. COVID cases also affected the team in their most crucial two series of the season against T1. They were not able to stand against the undefeated champion with their full roster. After taking down the reigning champion, Damwon KIA, in an intense five-game semifinal series, GEN succumbed to T1 in the grand finals and lost their chance to represent Korea at the MSI 2022.

GEN will kick off the summer season against KT Rolster tomorrow. They will take on Hanwha Life in their second match of the opening week. You can watch all the upcoming hectic matches from the official LCK Twitch channel.

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