ARK: Survival Evolved is free to own on Steam

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Developer and publisher Studio Wildcard is giving away for free ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam from now until June 19th. In order to celebrate the announcement of the new ARK game, Studio Wildcard decided to make ARK: Survival Evolved free to own for those who have yet to experience the popular survival game. Keep in mind that this is not a limited-time free-to-play offer. Once you add the game to your library, you can keep it permanently and play it whenever you want. You have to be quick as there are only four days left to the end of the offer.

Get your free copy without wasting time

By adding ARK: Survival Evolved to your Steam library, you will also have the game’s new packs, original soundtracks, and expansion maps, including Fjordur, Valguero, and Ragnarok. Besides that, Genesis Season Pass, which brings new story chapters, craftable items, weapons, and cosmetics, is not included in the offer alongside Ultimate Survivor Upgrade, which features Scorched Earth, Extinction, and Aberration expansion packs. Its free-to-own version grants players at least 50 hours of playable content that they can either experience with their friends or on their own.

ARK: survival Evolved offers a unique experience

ARK: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure, survival game set in the Dinosaur Age. You will play as a man or woman starving on the beach of a mysterious island called ARK. At the beginning of your journey, you only need to stay alive on the island filled with various dinosaurs, natural hazards, monsters, and prehistoric animals. Build your base, manage your food and water wisely, and also keep an eye on temperature and weather.

When you feel ready to explore your island, do not forget to craft a weapon to protect yourself against threats. Roaming and looting is the funniest thing to waste time in ARK. The main purpose of the game is to take you back to thousands of years ago when global biodiversity was at its peak, flowers, soil, and the weather was fresher, and every obstacle for humans was harder to overcome. ARK: Survival Evolved has an amusing, historical theme that makes players feel like they have traveled through the ages.

Players are able to tame, train, and ride dinosaurs in ARK. You can take your ancient friend home and feed him/her to earn his/her loyalty which you will need in merciless fights. ARK: Survival Evolved has also a tribe system that allows players to gather their people and rule over the island. Crafting, researching, and building are the key features of ARK, as you can expect from a survival game. The game becomes more fun to play after spending more time setting up the order. Players can also team up with their friends up to three players while discovering its vast open world. You can get your free copy by heading to the game’s Steam store page.

ARK 2 will Release in 2023

Studio Wildcard has announced its new ARK game set on a different planet during Xbox&Bethesda Showcase. According to the developer, ARK 2 will take your survival experience one step further and it will support cross-play at launch. The protagonist of its epic story will be Vin Diesel as Riddick, who tries to protect his daughter named Moana from the threats of the ancient past. ARK 2 is planned to release in 2023 and will be exclusive to Xbox consoles. You can find the announcement trailer shared by Studio Wildcard below.

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