Survival Horror Game Signalis Will Release This Fall

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Rose-engine has announced its Silent Hill-inspired new survival horror game called Signalis will release on October 27 for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The announcement came out as part of the Guerilla Collective 2022, which features plenty of deep looks, details, and trailers for indie games. Signalis will be a day-one Xbox Game Pass game and will also be available on Humble Store. You can now download the demo version of Signalis from the game’s Steam store page.

Signalis is an old school horror game

Signalis is a classic survival horror game that will have a dense atmosphere and melancholic theme. Players will take on the role of a technician replika named Elster, who lost his crew after their spaceship crashed on an unknown planet. Elster will need to fight off dangerous creatures to find what happened to her. The only obstacle she has to overcome is not monsters. Players will investigate a dark secret while exploring a dystopian world. Elster will also solve highly detailed puzzles by using radio signals or combining objects. According to the developers, enemies will not be a cakewalk, so players must choose when to fight and when to run out. Its unique gameplay will make you feel like you are playing a real survival game.

Published by Humble Games, Signalis is one of the most anticipated indie games of 2022. According to rose-engine, Signalis was a 2D side-scroller game with low resolution when it was first developed. After an intense effort put forth by the studio, Signalis turned into a 3D survival that blends sci-fi and horror with a pixel-perfect look. Starting in 2020, rose-engine team was able to develop Signalis from home thanks to Humble Games.

Signalis was first announced at the 2021 Tribeca Games Spotlight. During GAMESCOM 2021, it was revealed that Signalis will be available on Game Pass at lunch. Yesterday, the developer confirmed that Signalis will make its way to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The upcoming indie psychological horror game with striking pixel art is set to launch this fall, October 27. You can find the announcement trailer and screenshots shared by rose-engine below. Have fun!

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