The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria Announced for PC

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LOTR fans have been eagerly waiting for Amazon’s fast-approaching TV series The Rings of Power and Daedalic’s Gollum game, which is set to come out on September 1. Free Range and North Beach have announced their upcoming new game that fans might be interested in, Return to Moria, as part of the Epic Games Summer Showcase. Return to Moria will be the first survival-crafting game set in the LOTR universe and will be exclusive to Epic Games Store. Developers plan to release Return to Moria in Spring 2023.

Return to Moria is an action survival game set in a procedurally generated Dwarven realm. Crafting, building, exploring, and resource management will be vital for players to carry on their adventure. The game will offer a wide range of realistic mechanics to specialize your experience. For example, players will need to manage their sleep, noise level, and temperature while digging mines to avoid being killed by evils and Orcs. As you explore the world of Moria, you will find ancient items that give you various powers.

lOTR: Return to Moria will offer a unique experience

Clear new areas to build your base, embark on a new journey with your friends in a multiplayer mode with up to eight players, and craft armor, weapons, and tools to fight against threats. Return to Moria will take you to a free world in which you will be able to do whatever you want. You will find in Return to Moria what you expect from a survival game. You can head to the game’s store page for more details.

Return to Moria will take place in the Fourth Age of Middle Earth, while The Rings of Power is set in the Second Age. The game is being developed by Free Range Games, which will work as an external developer for The Callisto Protocol. Players will need an Epic Games account to try out the game because Return to Moria will not make its way to Steam and consoles. You can find the official announcement trailer shared by Epic Games below.

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