The Callisto Protocol Will Release on December 2

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Plenty of new announcements, trailers, and details about the games we have been waiting for months poured down on us like rain at Sony’s State of Play event during the previous day. One of them came out from The Callisto Protocol, as KRAFTON has announced that its highly-anticipated survival horror game will release on December 2nd. In order to celebrate this announcement, KRAFTON released the first gameplay trailer for The Callisto Protocol, which you can find below.

”Creating terrifying moments in games is hard. To bring the world of The Callisto Protocol to life, the team uses a process we call Horror Engineering to hand craft unforgettable scares.  It’s about blending atmosphere, tension, brutality, helplessness, and humanity to thrill players … and hopefully scare the crap out of them.” Glen Schofield, CEO at Striking Distance Studios, detailed the game’s development process.

The story-driven, single-player game will be developed by Striking Distance Studios, which was established by the creators of Dead Space. The Callisto Protocol will release for next-generation consoles and PC at the end of the year. According to the official statement shared on the PlayStation blog, The Callisto Protocol will blend horror and sci-fi to create a unique experience as players will enjoy its dark, grueling, and Dead Space-like theme. The game will take place on a “dead moon” named Callisto, and players will take on the role of Jacob Lee, an inmate who will try to survive against Biophages.

You as Jacob Lee will solve the dark secrets of United Jupiter Company, which caused all prison officers and inmates to turn into hideous monsters. You will feel helplessness, brutality, desperation, and tension at the highest level. The Callisto Protocol will feature melee and gunplay alongside a strategic combat system that allows players to show off their skills.

The Callisto Protocol will release on December 2, and as the developer stated, those who pre-ordered the game on PS Store will receive Contraband Pack.

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