IEM Dallas 2022: Format, Prize Pool, Participants

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Intel Grand Slam Season 4 continues with IEM Dallas 2022, where sixteen teams around the world, including ESL partners square off to put circuit points in their pocket for the rest of the year. The first day of the group stage has come to an end with the favorites such as FaZe, ENCE, G2, and FURIA dismantling their opponents. With only two days left in the IEM Dallas 2022, it is not late to talk about the format, prize pool, and participants. Here are all you need to know about IEM Dallas 2022 before getting caught up in the excitement of the competition.


First of all, IEM Dallas 2022 will take place between May 30 and June 5. The group stage will be completed until June 3, and top teams from the group stage will meet each other in the playoffs. The grand final series is set to play on June 5.

Sixteen teams were divided into two groups, where top three teams will advance to the playoff stage. Opening matches will be bo1, while the following matches will be bo3 in the groups. Group stage winners will directly qualify for the semifinals, while the others will match in the quarterfinals. Bottom five teams will be eliminated from IEM Dallas 2022 at the end of the group stage.

Top six teams from the group stage will face off each other in a single-elimination bracket. The quarterfinals and semifinals will be bo3, while the grand finals will be bo5.

Prize Pool

The winner of the IEM Dallas 2022 will take 1000 circuit points along with 100.000$ prize money. Whoever completes the tournament in second place will put 42.000$ in its pocket. Total prize pool will be much less, compared to Major tournaments.


Sixteen teams in total will take place in the IEM Dallas 2022. Five of them directly qualified for the tournament as they are ESL partners. Astralis and Cloud9 secured their spot at the IEM Dallas 2022 thanks to their place in ESL world rankings, and the rest of the nine teams made their way to Dallas through regional qualifiers. Here are all teams that will compete in the tournament:

IEM Dallas 2022 Group Stage Day 1-2 Results

Group A / Round 1

  • FaZe Clan 16 — 5 Encore
  • Astralis 12 — 16 Team Vitality
  • G2 Esports 16 — 5 Movistar Riders
  • ENCE 16 — 9 MOUZ

Round 2

  • FaZe Clan 2 — 0 Team Vitality
  • ENCE 2 — 0 G2 Esports

Lower bracket

  • Encore 0 — 2 Astralis
  • Movistar Riders 0 — 2 MOUZ

Group B / Round 1

  • FURIA 16 — 12 Imperial Esports
  • Team Liquid 6 — 16 Cloud9
  • NIP 10 — 16 BIG
  • MIBR 16 — 4 Complexity

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