MSI 2022: T1 and Saigon Buffalo Secured Their Spot at Rumble Stage

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Saigon Buffalo and T1 secure their spot at rumble stage

The VCS region is back on the League of Legends international stage after two years of longing due to the COVID precautions. Saigon Buffalo made it out of group A behind T1 and secured their spot at the rumbling stage after dismantling DetonatioN FocusMe in the third match of the closing day. Any Vietnamese team has not participated in Mid-Season Invitational in the last two years, but the VCS’ return to the stage is amazing by the end of the group stage. They now have five days to prepare for their opponent until the rumbling stage begins.

Saigon Buffalo vs DetonatioN FocusMe

Saigon Buffalo versus DetonatioN FocusMe matchup determined which one of these Wild Card teams will show themselves in the next phase. The do-or-die match for DFM kicked off with the Japanese representative taking the gold lead in the early game. Saigon picked Kalista to use her lane domination against Velkoz, but it did not work as expected. DFM were in the driver seat towards to the late game, and their composition was better in terms of range and durability. Saigon put themselves behind before the match started because of their unreasonable moves on the pick-ban screen.

Yaharong underperformed in the mid lane against Kalista even though his jungle partner, Steal, managed to find six kills at the end of skirmishes. DFM also took neutral objectives under control as if their lead was not enough to close out the game. Saigon Buffalo killed all members of DFM in a top lane fight while trying to defend their inhibitor. Then DFM were caught out of the position in their opponent’s jungle, which meant the game slipped out of their hands. Saigon Buffalo bounced back to the match thanks to the DFM’s awesome treats and destroyed the opposite nexus in 36. minutes.

T1 went undefeated

T1 maintained their undefeated streak that left its mark on the new season in the League of Legends competitive scene. They have not lost to any team in their last 26 matches starting from the regular season of the 2022 LCK Spring. T1 will definitely meet more powerful opponents in the rumbling stage, so the real MSI journey for the Korean juggernaut begins from now. RNG, PSG Talon, G2 Esports, and Evil Geniuses are all set to break T1’s phenomenal run, and T1 intends to hoist the trophy in their home, South Korea.

The rumble stage, where top six teams from the groups will square off each other to qualify for the semifinals is set to begin on Friday, May 20. Each team will have 10 matches to play to secure their spot in the final phase. Top four teams from the rumbling stage will proceed to the semifinals. Riot Games has yet to reveal the full schedule for the remainder of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. You can watch all group stage matches from Riot Games’ official YouTube channel.

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