Halo – Series Episode 8 Review : Somehow it got Worse

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Last week in my Review for the Halo Series I stated my happiness. Mainly with the fact that we were done with the B plot of the series. And are finally getting to the main storyline with actual characters i care something about. But this time the showrunners managed to do somehow make this worse.

*Spoilers….just Don’t watch the show*

The episode starts with Master chief and others just standing around. While everyone discussing on how he is compromised. But as usually the dialogue is boring and nothing interesting to say. This is when it all starts to break loose. Master Chief and Makee start talking. I thought was odd at first as they frock upon in the gardens of Reach.

This is when i realized something way worse. They are trying to make a romantic development between Master chief and Makee. It seems out of nowhere and very forced. And honesty it is a very odd choice in terms of what is happening. Not just from the point of the Halo games where Master Chief is more or less sterile and showing no sexual emotions. But also in terms of this timeline.

Halo Sex scene lol
Master Chief Sex Scene

Master chief is supposed to be a super soldier the best of best. The best at interrogating spies and getting information out of them. But here we end up with him have sex with a human covenant spy prisoner while Cortana watches. Yes, as she fucking watches. And from what can be inferred this eventually will triggers events that will lead to the Fall of Reach. What the Hell!!!

The show right now is the further away from Halo than it is ever been. It is furthest away from being good even in its own terms. It is just a bumbling chosen one story with bad pacing. And for all this nonsense we are yet to go to the damn Halo Ring. We get one more vision of it but from what seems it looks like the show is never gonna go to Halo with only one episode left. It is a Halo show with no god damn Halo in it.


With this Episode i have no more hope the series. Master Chief is an incompetent soldier. The Halo show is yet have the halo Ring in it. Aside from the two visions of it. With only one episode left I bet it will be in the Season 2 but who the hell knows any more. The show is off the hook in the worst ways possible where it is not a good adaptation of the games. At the same time it is also not a good shown on its own.



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  1. This is an absolute disgrace and a real slap in the face of the fans. How long are we going to keep letting these hollywood morons ruin our favourite franchises? Hasn’t 343 tried to kill Halo enough?

    I think anyone with a brain and a love of the universe could write a better story than this.


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