MSI 2022 Group Stage Day 4 Results

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The first round-robin of the group stage of the MSI 2022 has concluded with G2 Esports, T1, and the defending champion, Royal Never Give Up, remaining undefeated against their opponents. PSG Talon bounced back to the action with two consecutive wins over RED Canids and Istanbul Wildcats after making a terrible start to the groups on the first day. The VCS representative now has the advantage of making it out of the group, and tomorrow we will see which teams from group B and C will qualify for the rumbling stage. Fans will watch nine games on day 5 of the tournament, while T1, Saigon Buffalo, DFM, and Team Aze will square off each other on the closing day of the group stage.

MSI 2022 Group Stage Day 4 Results

  • PSG Talon 1 — 0 RED Canids Kalunga
  • RNG 1 — 0 Istanbul Wildcats
  • PSG Talon 1 — 0 Istanbul Wildcats
  • RED Canids Kalunga 0 — 1 RNG
  • Istanbul Wildcats 0 — 1 RED Canids Kalunga
  • PSG Talon 0 — 1 RNG

Day 4 of the groups was crucial for the three teams in group B to keep their hopes of advancing to the rumbling stage. Istanbul Wildcats, PSG Talon, and RED Canids Kalunga offered plenty of hectic matches, and at the same time, they proved that Mid-Season Invitational tournaments are more exciting with Wild Card representatives taking part. PSG Talon took their revenge on RED Canids while Royal Never Give Up kept up their domination against Istanbul Wildcats.

The Turkish team had to win against PSG Talon to stay alive among sharks. Although IW kicked off the match like they desired and took the global gold lead in some time periods, only an unreasonable Nashor call caused the game to slip out of their hands. Beating PSG in the early game with well-organized skirmishes was not enough to destroy their nexus. With this heartbreaking result, Istanbul Wildcats were eliminated from the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational.

RNG remained undefeated, PSG and RED will fight for the last spot

Royal Never Give Up are not idling games to stay in shape before the rumbling stage begins. LPL teams always take all matches they play in the international tournaments seriously because their game plan depends on controlling the early game by winning skirmishes. In this wise, RNG are constantly chasing team fights and trying to take advantage of them, whatever the result is. None of PSG, IW, and RED have been able to resist RNG, and it looks like it will remain like this until the end of the group stage. The reigning champion has three matches left to play tomorrow. If RED Canids take down RNG and PSG lose their game against the Chinese team, there will be a tie-breaker between RED and PSG to determine who will complete the groups in top two place.

On the flip side, group A teams will face off each other to decide which two champions will secure their spot at the rumbling stage. ORDER will have to win all four matches they will play against G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses to make the fairy tale real. If ORDER has a chance to leave the group, they have no choice but to win.

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