MSI 2022 Preview Series: RED Canids Kalunga

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MSI 2022 would be less exciting without a Brazilian team that could offer plenty of action-packed games on the group stage. Mid- Season Invitational does not feature a play-in stage contrary to World Championship, so some Wild Card teams such as DFM, Saigon Buffalo, ORDER, Istanbul Wildcats, and Team Aze directly qualified for the main stage without fighting in eliminations. Another minor region team that has already traveled to Busan to join the fray is the CBLOL representative, RED Canids Kalunga. Fans will watch them again in an international tournament after they have been knocked out from the Worlds 2021 by the hands of PEACE on the play-in stage.

RED Canids Kalunga kept their starting lineup for the CBLOL 2022 Split, and all five players that fought in last year’s World Championship remained with the organization to blow the dust off them. RED’s starting roster includes Betao, Guigo, Aegis, Avenger, Grevthar, TitaN, and Jojo. TitaN, one of the most popular players in Brazil, has been leading his team as shot caller ADC since his acquisition in 2019. Aegis and Avenger are also with the team for a long time. They promoted from RED Canids Academy to the starting lineup together. The jungle-mid duo has not played for any other teams in their career. One last thing that should be mentioned about their roster is after Jojo replaced Cabu in December 2020, RED Canids missed only one of the three international tournaments, MSI 2021.

RED Canids claimed the title with an exceptional run

Canids closed out the CBLOL 2022 Split in third place behind KaBuM! and FURIA Esports with an average record of 11-7. RED’s phenomenal lower bracket run kicked off after being slapped by KaBuM in round 1 of the playoffs. They managed to overcome Liberty in an intense five-game series. Canids then took down FURIA Esports, who lost to Pain Gaming in the first round, 3-1, and matched KaBuM in the losers’ bracket final. Led by TitaN, RED Canids proved they learned lessons from their previous clash and got their revenge on KaBuM as if intimidating their opponent they will face off in the grand finals.

This undefeated run must have ended with a trophy. Canids slew all their enemies one after the other, and it was Pain Gaming’s turn to be wiped out. Another five-game series marked the finals, and RED Canids were the survivor in this fierce battle. This glorious victory also meant they would take part in the MSI 2022.

RED Canids Kalunga will face off against Royal Never Give Up, Istanbul Wildcats, and PSG Talon in group B. The Brazilian representative is not expected to advance to the rumbling stage, but there can always be surprises. They will have to beat IW and PSG to make it out of the groups.

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