Evil Geniuses are your LCS 2022 Spring Champions

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League Championship Series has a new king that has never been on the top of the league before in the organization’s history, Evil Geniuses. After overcoming a long and rough way in the lower bracket and eliminating their rivals one by one, Evil Geniuses reached the grand finals to take the crown from the defending champion, 100 Thieves. The 2022 LCS Spring Finals were one-sided, contrary to what fans and analysts expected. Evil Geniuses dominated 100 Thieves thanks to an outstanding performance by their rookie player, Danny.

Given the current forms of both teams, it was unexpected to see Evil Geniuses wipe out 100 Thieves without giving a single match. EG will take part in the MSI 2022 as North American representative for the first time in the organization’s history. G2 Esports and ORDER are now waiting for Evil Geniuses to declare war in group C. From what we have seen in the finals, it can be said that Evil Geniuses will not be a cakewalk against them. First time LCS champion is now expected to be a contender for the knockout stage, where only top four teams will square off each other.

Evils’ exceptional lower bracket run

Evil Geniuses completed the regular season in fourth place behind 100 Thieves. In the first round of the playoffs, Team Liquid beat EG in an intense five-game series and sent them to the lower bracket. The real journey for Evils began now. After demolishing FlyQuest on the opening losers’ bracket series, Evil Geniuses surprised Cloud9 fans with a phenomenal 3-0 win in the second round.

There was a rematch between Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket finals. This time, EG learned from their mistake that led them to fall into the hole. Vulcan and Impact led their team to take down the North American super team with their unique game plan that allows Danny to take all resources. We have seen this plan work for RNG before in the pro stage, so no one can say it is useless.

Evils’ game strategy reached its peak in the final series against 100 Thieves. Although the reigning champion realized they needed to restrict Danny, but could not answer in the other lanes. Every member of 100 Thieves underperformed while losing the mental advantage to their opponents. Evil Geniuses made quick work on 100 Thieves and became the LCS champions for the first time. This success can not be explained in words.

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