RNG will represent China at MSI 2022

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Royal Never Give Up added another LPL title to its collection after taking down Top Esports 3-2 in the 2022 Spring Finals. Top Esports, on the other hand, left their mark on this season with an outstanding playoff performance that led them to the grand finals. The defending MSI champion, RNG, will participate in this year’s MSI to protect their title against the other champions. In case you missed it, Riot Games announced a couple of days ago that the LPL representative will play at MSI 2022 remotely due to COVID precautions.

Top Esports’ phenomenal playoff run

Top Esports had a shaky start to the regular season with its newly designed roster around Knight. Tian and Wayward were not expected to be such good before the 2022 Spring Split began. Besides that, after Mark joined the team as shot-caller support, Top Esports improved their performance in the second half of the season. Their macro game and team fights got better with the help of Mark, and Top Esports finished the regular split in fifth place behind LNG Esports.

The first hurdle they had to overcome was Bilibili Gaming. Top Esports defeated BLG (formerly known as Suning Gaming) and met with LNG Esports, one of the favorites for the championship, in round 4 of the playoffs. They knew what to do against LNG. Top Esports focused on taking Tarzan under intense pressure to limit his impact on the series. Victory Five, who completed the season in first place led by Rookie and Karsa, tried to beat Top Esports in both the winner and the losers’ bracket, but they failed. This time Top Esports did not let Victory Five take advantage over their top laner.

RNG will try to defend their title

Royal Never Give Up faced off Top Esports in the grand finals, where the winner of the series will represent China at MSI 2022. Xiaohu and Ming made a difference with their experience, while Wei led his team to the title thanks to his astonishing Viego performance in game 5.

RNG won the MSI 2021 last year by demolishing DWG in the finals. The reigning champion will take part in the MSI 2022 to prove that the China region is still the best among the others. MSI 2022 is set to begin on May 10. RNG won’t be able to travel to Busan, South Korea, where the tournament will be held, due to ongoing COVID restrictions in China.

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