Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Is Disappointing

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Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. It’s certainly not a bad game at all, but it’s missing so much of what made the originals so great.

It’s a pretty game and nice to look at, but what’s underneath it? Not much unfortunately. The maps are quite big, yet there’s not much to do in them in all honesty. It would of made sense for some more condensed maps filled with content.

The main missions are so short and have so few enemies that you just fly through it. Obviously it’s a kids game so I wouldn’t complain about it being easy. In the originals like the Battle of Geonosis it was filled to the brim with enemies and in the Skywalker Saga it has a handful. The battle feels empty in this remake.

The old version screenshot

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The original

The new version screenshot

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Jango Fate Boss Guide - Deluxe News
The new one

What was the biggest disappointment?

My biggest disappointment was the Anakin and Obi Wan fight. The old fight was fantastic mixed with platforming and the iconic lightsaber duel. All we received in the new instalment was part of the original duel and then a C-3PO section that I don’t think anyone in the world asked for.

A lot of the time I think I spent just walking around rather than solving puzzles or grabbing collectibles. The story makes you play as Mace Windu, where you plan to go fight Palpatine. Once you get to Palpatine for the big showdown-cutscene then the story shifts. Some of the small things like that just felt unneeded if we couldn’t at least fight Palpatine.

The new combat system improved upon the originals, still I never felt like I could utilise it. Performing new moves for lightsaber users was great but it never felt like there was a lot of enemies at one time. The new introduction of the cover system was kind of pointless. But since the target audience is young that completely understandable.

Sometimes the voice acting is really poor. Kylo Ren sounds terrible and it’s almost off putting. Han Solo isn’t great either, they don’t have to sound like the originals but if they sounded close it’d be far better.

Overall it’s still ok

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga is still a fine game all round but the lack of depth to the main missions really hurt the quality of the game. Perhaps they stretched themselves out too much with nine games to work on while adding things on top of that. I feel that if it was a remake of the six originals with longer missions and more enemies that it would of been better personally.

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4 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Is Disappointing”

  1. I totally agree with you. Lack of depth in the story missions is a let down. Also, I have found the menu to be too complex.

    The story missions should have included the cutscene stuff as a playable part of the missions. I also think that there should have been more story missions.

    The voices are pretty terrible. Apart from the only original 2 actors (Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Daniels) that were used, the only decent one is Rey.

    Altogether, a good game that I will play more than once to completion, but not as great as I expected…particularly when you think off all the delays.

  2. I have to agree, the missions are really short and it’s not challenging at all.. I’ve only played about 30 minutes but I’m already so disappointed. Like the maps are huge and there really isn’t much to explore either. I can’t understand why they had to delay it, I just expected so much more. I’m gonna be honest and say that ‘Lego Star Wars complete saga’ is much better.

    • And I miss the “home base” from all the previous games where you went between missions and the menu is way too complex tbh.

  3. I have to say one thing I don’t know if you know this yet but that original pic of the BOG is not of the original legs saga it is of the vastly improved version beginning stage of the legs the clone wars which made that battle to fit just like the AOTC movie
    The original lego Star Wars saga was pretty much just as empty as this remake just letting you know

    Anyway I agree that the remake is definitely missing content which makes the original so much better


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